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Here, have a little shade.

hey yo. this is my user page. I'm glad you found it!

I do most of my work on the English Wikipedia, so you can check out my user page there to find out more about me. A lot of my work tends to be related to Vietnam, which I visit regularly, and the Bahá'í Faith. Most of my contributions to Commons support this work, in the form of photos of various places, people and things that I've seen and snapped during my travels. I've categorized my contributions by media type and location, to make it easier to navigate (and easier for me to keep track of what I've uploaded). Along with contributing my own self-made media, I've also made a habit of scouring flickr for Creative Commons-licensed images that others have taken. That being said, the images on this page (and in the category tree below) are all self-made.

This being Commons, where everything is 100% reusable, you're free to reuse any of my contributions in whatever way you wish, as long as the individual license (in most cases, CC-BY-SA) is respected. And if you'd like to leave me a note telling me what you used and where you used it as well, I'd appreciate that a lot!

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See also: Files uploaded (Usage)


See also: Files uploaded (Usage)

Bahá'í places[edit]

Most of these were taken during a pilgrimage to the Bahá'í World Centre in Israel in November 2006.


Taken on various trips to Vietnam.


People and Culture[edit]






See also: Files uploaded (Usage)