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Hello to all Israeli art aficionados!

We are beginning a new project. We hope to soon build a project page and currently have info on the project here The Art of Information Sharing: Museum Artist files on Wikipedia

First test artist page Larry Abramson

I would appreciate any feedback to the first page I created. It is based on an extensive list of Israeli artists in the IMJ IAC archive [1]. The translations were done here as well (see also Chinese and Russian links - Hebrew was already in place)

Thank you (IAC-Israel Museum (talk) 04:21, 29 July 2011 (UTC))

Project page[edit]

As promised Wikipedia:GLAM/IMJ/Israeli Artist Files

This Month in GLAM: August 2011[edit]

Israel Museum, Jerusalem, begins partnership with Wikipedia (see the news report on the project)

This month in GLAM logo.png

To assist with preparing the newsletter, please visit the newsroom. Past editions may be viewed here.

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Hebrew project page[edit]

Yair Talmor, our Wikipedian-in-residence began work on Sunday, first task was the creation of the Hebrew project page [2] Looking forward to a lot of work....

First page in Swahili[edit]

Thank you to Isaac Kosgei for completing the translation of the Wikipedia article on Larry Abramson into Swahili. This is the 7th language for this article – in addition to German, Dutch, Chinese, Hebrew, Russian and English!

There is a language link from here and a direct link here

Isaac and I met at the Wikimania conference in August. We hope to continue working together in the future.

Stats for images uploaded[edit]

Usage so far...

1,034 files have been categorized as "Photographs uploaded as part of GLAM Israel Museum" (and growing every minute!) See all the files at Category:Photographs uploaded as part of GLAM Israel Museum by 8 people and organisations (as of October 2015). 398 of these images were used in 936 Wikipedia articles in 22 languages (as of end-October 2015) for a combined, those pages were viewed 8,955,549 times since January 2012 (till October 2015).

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