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How do you know where I live?![edit]

The bot uses only information that is already publicly available. You may have uploaded an image that was unknowingly coded with your location. The bot cannot distinguish between intentional and unintentional geocoding of images.

I don't want my location embedded into my images![edit]

If you use your iPhone to take photos you can simply put it into Airport mode to deactivate the GPS. Otherwise you may need a program to remove EXIF data from your images (try to leave the useful camera data in).

It does not make sense to add a {{Location}} template to a picture of xyz![edit]

Fair enough. For many shots of generic objects that can be found anywhere it does not make sense to advertise a particular location using {{Location}}. To suppress the handling of these images add Category:Location not applicable to them.

A location would make sense, I just don't want your bot to take it from the EXIF data![edit]

Then please do not upload the images with incorrect EXIF data. My bot is only one potential user of this data. Supplying incorrect data embedded to the image is lessening its value and makes life more complicated for potential re-users of your images with interest in geodata. See above for how to remove or correct the EXIF data in your images. --Dschwen (talk) 17:44, 1 November 2012 (UTC)