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Minha obra de arte vetorial.

Você pode me chamar de e2m, não se acanhe.


Apenas as que eu fiz:

Estados brasileiros[edit]




Uma pequena proposta[edit]

I am also here to make a proposal to handle the category system. For example, think about some images of women. Women are native from everywhere, i. e, there is no native language for women (...). Instead of having one category "women" in English, I think we could have a template "women". In the template there could be categories for each language: Category:Women (en), Category:Mulheres (pt), Category:Mujeres (es), Category:Frauen (de), etc. Then, if an image of a woman is uploaded, the uploader should add the template to the image page and all the specific-language categories will automagically be added. (I thank the user pt:usuário:henriquevicente for useful discussions about this proposal.) One problem that one can point is that categories inside templates do not work properly. But, what do you think? --E2m 23:57, 24 Mar 2005 (UTC)

I think it might be easier to follow a more similar procedure, Category:pt:Mulheres and Category:en:Women. I hate brackets in titles, they are not user-friendly. -- Nuno Tavares PT 9 July 2005 13:35 (UTC)