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ETH Zurich
ETH Zurich

Founded in 1855, ETH-Bibliothek is the largest public library for science and technology in Switzerland. Besides providing information for members of ETH Zurich, it also offers resources to the interested public and to companies in research and development. One of ETH-Bibliothek’s key focuses is the development of its digital information services. ETH-Bibliothek’s Collections and Archives also constantly expand their online platforms to make their valuable holdings accessible to the public.

Image Archive[edit]

The photographic and audio-visual documents of the ETH Library are managed by the Image Archive. Its image collection of almost 3.5 million documents includes the ETH Zurich portrait and view collection, pictures from the private estates of ETH professors, as well as large holdings such as the press photo archive of Comet Photo AG, the archive of Luftbild Schweiz and the photo collection of Swissair.

Initiated by a cooperation project with Wikimedia CH, from spring 2016 Public Domain and CC-BY-SA licensed contents of the image archive will be uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. This will enable the Wikimedia community and those interested in other Wikimedia projects to use the content provided for their encyclopedic work.


Upload history

Date Collection Image code Quantity
08/2016 Aerial photographs Walter Mittelholzer domestic LBS_MH01 8'434
08/2016 Aerial photographs Walter Mittelholzer foreign countries LBS_MH02 5'673
08/2016 Aerial photographs Walter Mittelholzer industries domestic LBS_MH03 1'938
06/2017 ETH Building Ans_ 1'178
06/2017 Aerial Photographs Werner Friedli LBS_H 20'971
06/2017 Max Frisch (from: Comet press picture archive) Com_ 79
05/2017 ETH Portraits Portr_ 563
04/2018 Leo Wehrli Dia_247 13'150
05/2019 Immanuel Friedlaender Hs_1309 1'079
05/2019 Foundation Industrial Culture/Hans-Peter Bärtschi: Wetzikon SIK_01 58
09/2020 Portraits ETH-Professors Portr_ 73
02/2021 Women's suffrage Com_ 29
02/2021 Portraits Politicians Com_ 777
02/2021 Swissair LBS_SR04 12
Q1/2021 Portraits ETH-Professors Portr_ 690
Q2/2021 Other uploads Com_ 13
Q2/2021 Portraits ETH-Professors Portr_ 53
07/2021 Portraits Politicians Com_ 273
Q3/2021 Other uploads Com_ 65
Q4/2021 Other uploads (a.o. für [WSC2021) Com_, Ans_, PI_ 21
Q4/2021 Animals, plants and biotopes (for WSC2021) Dia_ 14
Q1/2022 Portraits ETH-Professors Portr_ 39
Q1/2022 Other uploads Com_ 23
Q2/2022 Portraits ETH-Professors Portr_ 27
Q2/2022 Other uploads Com_, KOM_, PI_ 53
Q3/2022 Portraits ETH-Professors Portr_ 7
Q3/2022 Other uploads Com_ 72
Q4/2022 Portraits ETH-Professors Portr_ 2
Q4/2022 Other uploads Com_ 6

Scheduled uploads

Date Collection Image code Quantity Remarks
Q2/2020 Aerial photographs Photo Swissair AG: Industrial photographs, low-flying (1967-1996) LBS_IN 3'806 Continuation of the already loaded industrial photographs of Mittelholzer LBS_MH03
Q2/2020 Station Inventory 1 of Switzerland by Adolf Reck (1967-1976) SIK_02-01 1'455 Small part of the inventory of the Stiftung Industriekultur/Hans-Peter Bärtschi
Q3/2020 Aerial photographs Photo Swissair AG: coloured, mostly low-flying oblique photographs (1960-2011) LBS_L 29'905 Pictures are first georeferenced on sMapshot. Campaigns running since Jan. 2020, end ca. July 2020

Mass upload requests

On Category talk:Media contributed by the ETH-Bibliothek the upload of entire collections or large parts of them can be suggested. We will also discuss collections there to find out about your interest.

Uploads single images

  • Through the Image Archive: We gladly accept upload requests for single pictures. To ensure a service within 1-2 working days, please send an email with image code or DOI:

Please create the file name according to the following convention

  • ETH-BIB-Title-Image code
  • Example: ETH-BIB-Tobel inland flights-LBS MH01-007888


Date Event Task Participants
09.06.2017 Swiss Archive Day Aerial photos in Wikipedia article Swiss communities (D) Everyone
27.11.2019 Action Day 2212 Aerial photos in Wikipedia article Swiss communities (D) Hadi, staff ETH-Bibliothek
04/2020 Home Office Covid-19 Aerial photos in Wikipedia articles Swiss municipalities (D, E, F, I) Staff ETH-Bibliothek
08.02.2021 Start of WikiProject Portraits ETH Profs Portraits of ETH profs in Wikidata and Wikipedia articles Hadi, staff ETH-Bibliothek, wikipedians
15.05.2021 Writing workshop/Edit-a-thon Writing Wikipedia articles about ETH profs Hadi, staff ETH-Bibliothek, wikipedians
14.05.2022 Writing workshop/Edit-a-thon Writing Wikipedia articles about ETH profs Hadi, wikipedians
11.06.2022 Wiki-Edit-a-Thon Edit-a-Thon about ETH profs WikiProjekt ETH-Porträts Nicole Graf, wikipedians (cancelled)
03.06.2023 Writing workshop/Edit-a-thon Writing Wikipedia articles about ETH profs Hadi, wikipedians

Collection of Scientific Instruments and Teaching Models[edit]

The ETH's scientific objects are kept in the Collection of Scientific Instruments and Teaching Aids. The collection documents the artefact-based history of teaching and research at ETH Zurich since its foundation. It includes holdings from aerodynamics, physics, computer science, geodesy, geobotany, electronics, mathematics, etc. The collection was founded in 2019 at the ETH-Library and is currently under development. It holds around 2,500 objects. CC BY-SA licensed images have been published on Wikimedia Commons since summer 2021.


So far, we have uploaded selected images to Commons for the purpose of illustrating certain Wikipedia articles (e.g. Eidophorprojektor EP 8 in Article Eidophor).

You are welcome to upload further images from our image database E-Pics yourself. Metadata and licenses can be found in the image database.

This account is currently managed by:

  • Lea Bollhalder, shortly: ^LB
  • Nicole Graf, shortly: ^NG
  • Flurina Huonder, shortly: ^FH

Media contributed by ETH-Bibliothek

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