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National Register of Historic Places in Tampa. Also, as of June of 2011, all the pictures on the following pages were taken by me:

Anderson-Frank House[edit]

Circulo Cubano de Tampa[edit]

Curtis House[edit]

El Centro Asturiano de Tampa[edit]

El Centro Espanol de Tampa[edit]

El Pasaje (The Cherokee Club)[edit]

Episcopal House of Prayer[edit]

Old Courthouse & Downtown Postal Station[edit]

Floridan Hotel[edit]

Isaac Gardner, Sr., House[edit]

George Guida, Sr. House[edit]

Hillsborough County High School[edit]

Hutchinson House[edit]

Jackson Rooming House[edit]

William Parker Jackson House[edit]

Johnson-Wolff House[edit]

S. H. Kress and Co. Building[edit]

LeClaire Apartments[edit]

Leiman House[edit]

Masonic Temple No. 25[edit]

Meacham Elementary School site[edit]

Roosevelt Elementary School[edit]

Old Peoples Home[edit]

Old School House[edit]

Old Tampa Childrens Home[edit]

Horace T. Robles House[edit]

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church[edit]

Stovall House[edit]

T. C. Taliaferro House[edit]

Tampa Bay Hotel[edit]

Tampa City Hall[edit]

Old Tampa Free Public Library[edit]

Tampa Theater and Office Building[edit]

Tampania House[edit]

Old Union Depot Hotel[edit]

Union Railroad Station[edit]

Upper Tampa Bay Park[edit]

Ybor City[edit]

Ybor Factory[edit]

Davis Island[edit]


Bay Isle Commercial Building[edit]
Palace of Florence Apartments[edit]
Old Palmerin Hotel[edit]
Spanish Apartments[edit]