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My name is Eileen Sandá, I come from Suðuroy in the Faroe Islands.

I have uploadet photos from the Faroe Islands here on Wikimeida Commons. These photos include photos of Faroese villages, landscapes, wooden boats, sports people, musicians, artists, politicians, churches, museums etc.

Some of my photos[edit]

Cliffs of the Faroe Islands[edit]

Sportspeople from the Faroe Islands - Swimmers[edit]

Sportspeople from the Faroe Islands - Football players[edit]

More photos of Faroese football players here

Faroese Wooden Rowing Boats[edit]

More photos of Faroese rowing boats can be found on the page Kappróðrarbátar, Faroese Row Boats for Boat Races

Sailing Ships of the Faroe Islands[edit]

Singers and musicians from the Faroe Islands[edit]

Other photos[edit]

Villages and town on the Faroe Islands[edit]