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Hello, my name is EinHuluvu. I am a hooloovoo. I come from Germany.

Hallo, mein Name is EinHuluvu. Ich bin ein Huluvu. Ich komme aus Deutschland.

Salut, je m'appelle EinHuluvu. Je suis un Huluvu. J'habite en Allemagne.

What I Do[edit]

I add describtions in English, German and French.

Ich füge Beschreibungen auf englisch, deutsch und französisch hinzu.

J'additionne des descriptions en anglais, allemand et français.


Correct my edits, if you are an English or French native speaker.

It is possible that I do some corrections in form while adding descriptions.

Contact me on my user talk page if you have questions on my work on Wikimedia Commons.

Thank you!

My Work[edit]

This is an overview on articles I worked on and the languages I added descriptions in.

By Lemma[edit]

Lemma date en de fr further edits evidence
Anna Nicole Smith 13.07.08 x descriptions adapted, more links .
Arabic numerals 22.03.08 x x x .
C. S. Lewis 17.03.08 x x x image description .
Caminito del Rey 28.03.08 x .
Chris Cornell 28.03.08 x x x .
Conan the Barbarian 01.02.09 x x x .
Daewoo USAS-12 17.03.08 x .
Elijah Wood 13.07.08 x x description in en expanded .
Eva Green 01.02.09 x x description in en expanded .
Frida Hallgren 17.03.08 x x description in sv .
Friedhöfe in Dortmund 17.03.08 x x x .
Fyodor Dostoevsky 13.07.08 x x .
George Anson's voyage ... 22.03.08 x x x structure, arrangement .
Jane Jayroe 17.03.08 x x more links in other descriptions .
Joss Stone 31.03.08 x x x .
Kay Pollak 17.03.08 x x description in fi, no, sv .
Kirchen in Dortmund 17.03.08 x x x .
Kirchheim bei München 31.03.08 x more links in other descriptions .
Krossobanen 23.03.08 x description in en expanded .
Led Zeppelin 13.07.08 x description in en expanded .
Monica Bellucci 17.03.08 x languages sorted alphabetically .
Nerva (Artist) 31.03.08 x x description in et, more links .
Nicole Johnson Baker 17.03.08 x x .
Pacman 13.07.08 x x x .
Peter Jackson 13.07.08 x x .
Pierre Pédussaut 23.03.08 x x .
Robert E. Howard 01.02.09 x x .
Saddam Hussein 17.03.08 x x more links in other descriptions .
Sam Hornish, Jr. 31.03.08 x x .
Sassoferrato 28.03.08 x x .
Slam dunk 22.03.08 x x .
The Matrix 31.03.08 x x description in es, it, links, form, structure .
Vogelsangkirche 23.03.08 x x .
Wachowski brothers 31.03.08 x x more links in other descriptions .
34 16 31 23

By Date[edit]

Date pages worked on in chronological order pages edits
17.03.08 C. S. Lewis, Saddam Hussein, Monica Bellucci, Nicole Johnson Baker, Friedhöfe in Dortmund,
Kay Pollak, Frida Hallgren, Kirchen in Dortmund, Daewoo USAS-12, Jane Jayroe
10 41
22.03.08 Arabic numerals, George Anson's voyage ..., Slam dunk 3 13
23.03.08 Krossobanen, Vogelsangkirche, Pierre Pédussaut 3 10
28.03.08 Chris Cornell, Caminito del Rey, Sassoferrato 3 10
31.03.08 The Matrix, Joss Stone, Wachowski brothers, Sam Hornish, Jr., Nerva (Artist),
Kirchheim bei München
6 22
13.07.08 Anna Nicole Smith, Elijah Wood, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Led Zeppelin, Pacman,
Peter Jackson
6 19
01.02.09 Conan the Barbarian, Robert E. Howard, Eva Green 3 10
7 34 125


Personal accounts[edit]

Commons: contributionsuser talk page

Wikipedia: My Account on German Wikipedia

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main pages: endefrcommonsoverview

dictionaries: de <-> ende <-> fr

other stuff: Google