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  • Problem: Lots of monuments images (expecially in Germany, where the ID situation is complicated) are uploaded without the monuments id.
  • Idea for maintenance: an easy way to add the ID via a link in the toolbox, and a prompt (?) for entering the ID + the municipality (optional, in Germany, the monuments IDs are on municipality level). If the prompt can receive only 1 value, maybe a workaround with a pipe could be parsed: "5675|Cologne"
  • After clicking OK, a Template (e.g. Template:Kulturdenkmal) should be added to the information template, preferrable at the end of the description parameter value. No additional "save" button should be clicked.
  • MediaWiki:AjaxQuickDelete.js works a bit like this, but is much more complicated because it changes a couple of pages and has several options.