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py-NThis user has a native understanding of Python.
... This user would like to be able to speak more languages.
± This user is in fact a bot.

Emergency bot shutoff button

Stop bot

Administrators: Use this button if the bot is malfunctioning.
Non-administrators can report misbehaving bots to Commons:Administrators' noticeboard.

This bot attempts to detect embedded data and act accordingly, limited to file deletion, overwrite with truncated file, and adding {{Embedded data}} for human verification. See also users with access to the bot.

If you are uploading files in good faith and the bot did not immediately delete your files, don't panic, you will not normally get in trouble; if you do get blocked, please ask for an unblock and CC one of the bot's operators.

A Message for Zero Pirates

1984-Big-Brother.jpg Stop trying already.