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Basic information

  • Born in Snowdonia, North Wales
  • BSc in Physics and Pure Mathematics, BA Spanish, MSc Medical Physics and PhD solving a problem which involved electronics, astrophysics, nuclear physics and computer modelling
  • Self-taught electronics to fairly high level (somewhere at degree level)
  • Self-taught in some aspects of programming (BASIC, microprocessors and PIC microcontrollers)
  • I run my life using Excel spreadsheets and Outlook
  • Lived all over a significant proportion of the UK (furthest north - Liverpool, furthest south - Brighton, furthest east - Lowestoft, furthest west - Penmachno, most central - Leicester )
  • Well-travelled
Rhinog Fach


  • Four physics textbooks on my own plus a few to which I made contributions
  • One electronics textbook
  • Contributions to science education books, brochures and journals


In order of competence:
  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Tagalog
  4. Welsh (First and only language until age four, then sudden switch to English due to misguided advice received by parents and anti-Welsh politics at the time! I can still manage some "kitchen" Welsh)


In no particular order (my current obsession will be from something in the following list):
  • LGBT history, art, politics, campaigns
  • Politics associated with race, gender and religion
  • Multiculturalism, diversity and integration
  • Political art (including performance, video and visual art in general)
  • All topics of global significance
  • Indian cinema (especially more recent films with social and political comment)
  • Spanish-language cinema
  • Animals (especially dogs, and very especially sheep dogs)
  • History (in particular Welsh, Roman, and British Empire and Commonwealth)
  • Indian food
  • Baking (especially bread of all kinds)

Favourite expression

"Be more dog!"
This implies:
living for the moment
no discrimination
and many more good qualities!
Sheep dog

My travels

Over a year:
Over a month:
Over a week:
Over a day:
Over an hour: