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Ajla Šolbić is born in 1998. in a small country.She is the biggest directioner in BiH.Ajla has a younger brother and with their parents they live in a small town.

Ajla's biggest dream is to meet her favourite band One Direction.She loves Harry Styles the most.She hopes that 1D will come to her city one day so she can meet them,or at least take a picture with them.

Ajla became famouse when she had about 2000 followers on Twitter,so she started to make YouTube videos.They are about her and her life.But she is still sad because Harry didn't watch her cool videos... Anyway,a famous actor watched her videos and decided to make a movie about her life.Of course,Nerma and Nejra will be in that film too.Now,Ajla is one of the most popular teens on youtube. She is famous,but she said that she doesn't have real friends."My mother is my best frien,I can tell her everything!".says Ajla. Well,we hope you find your real friend Ajla :D ...