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Imagine a world in which my user page looks good.

About me

Hello! I'm EpicPupper, but you can also call me Epic, Pupper, or EP. As an avid advocate of the free knowledge movement, I've been contributing to Wikimedia projects since 2020. I help code bots, tools, and user scripts, create and improve content, and revert vandalism.

My work

My work spans many areas, but my current major projects involve creating articles on the English Wikipedia, editing, writing and facilitating outreach for The Signpost, and taking photos for Wikimedia Commons. You can share feedback with me on my talk page, via email, or at a community venue by adding a notification.

Disclaimer: Disclosure: I operate the alternative accounts User:EpicPupper2, User:EpicPupper2 (usurped) and User:EpicPuppet (regained). I have the doppelgänger accounts User:EpicPuppet and User:EricPupper, run User:DoggoBot, and was formerly named User:DoggieTimesTwo. I have edited while logged out 4 times on Wikimedia projects: 2 times on Wikidata, 1 time on the Test Wikipedia and 1 time on the German Wikipedia; all were accidental. I may sometimes share an IP address with User:PilotgamerGuy.

Contact me

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