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About me


I was born in 1963, in France. Currently living Paris downtown for 15 years.

My images are as simplistic as possible in terms of colours to maximise the images geometries readability. I focus on limited colours ranges; to have 2 or 3 tones only is really something important to me.

I exclusively work using digital equipment; Using now the Nikon D3 with some great optics.

I'm give some of my shots to the Wikimedia Commons project because I really love this Wikipedia human adventure.

My images contribution to Wikipedia are here at Wikimedia

My Image of the week

British Museum Dome and court

here: ERic Pouhier's online instagram portofolio

'Best of' Slideshow


Commons Picture of the Year 2006 #2


This photograph was selected for the wiki commons picture of the year 2006, thank you very much for your support and for all the fantastic comments I have received ! This is trully encouraging, I will try to upload more photographs to wikimedia in the future.

Featured picture Picture of the Year 2006

Sans domicile fixe in Paris. Taken by Wikimedian Eric Pouhier.

Featured pictures
Featured pictures

Promoted to Featured pictures on 5 January 2006.

Picture of the day of 9 March 2006.

Voters' comments:

  • Cette image est moche et de mauvais goût.
  • I wish I knew more about him.
  • Probably the most informative, and certainly one of the best-composed pictures on the Commons.
  • This picture is creepy...
  • that's not a picture, that's a whole story
  • amazing composition.
  • I've always liked this pic
  • The shot is composed beautifully and the lighting is superb.
  • Great pic, perfect colours and lots of personality!
  • Beautiful.
  • Brilliant and intelligent
  • Easy to overlook in the thumbnails, but it is a portrait not just a "snapshot."
  • Unbelievably realistic.
  • Not only a fantastic photograph, but it conveys something more than the rest.
  • they're all brilliant and beautiful, but this one is very powerful.
  • compelling shot, composition, lighting, everything.
  • Absolutely beautiful.
  • carries information, not only effects
  • real life
  • Beautiful picture. The light, tone and grainy quality compliment the subject matter perfectly.
  • Great photos tell a story, which this one does
  • A moving picture telling a human story.
  • The biggest richness; joy of living, even in the poverty
  • It says so much. I just hope someone renames the picture.
  • These are all well done informational images, but this is the only photo here that has something to say beyond that.
  • A stark and dramatic presentation of the bland. Very striking.
  • This one truly hits a nerve for me.
  • I wonder how he would feel about this photograph…
  • wonder if he's seen it..
  • Pour l'amour de l'humanité...
  • Amazing detail.
  • I like great colors, but the subject matter of this one has my vote.
  • because it's probably the best scene.
  • It took guts to compose this so carefully. Brutally beautiful.
  • Birds and different views all are verry nice, but pic 2 tells not only about the depicted person, but also about the condition of a western society. It needs courage and knowledge al well making such a portrait.
  • This isn't the most beautiful picture, but it is the most important.
  • It's stark beauty, and inherent poetical nature make it stand out among the other works. The muted colors add to the overall effect producing an image of instant emotional and critical response.
  • Incredible.
  • Captivating.