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Here is a gallery of vector images either created or vastly improved by me.

You may notice that I upload several successive versions of a single image, each prettier than the last or with more compact, standard-compliant code. This is because I am learning this as I go along. Every time I open a vector graphics program I learn to use another feature or a new way of using an old feature. I am also reading my way through the World Wide Web Consortium's SVG 1·1 specification [1].

I mainly create vector images in Inkscape, then tweak them in a text editor (Notepad, WordPad, Dreamweaver MX 2004, Vim...). Other vector software that I use includes Delineate, Dia 0.95-1 [2], Draw 2·0 [3], Calc 2·0 [4] (for bar charts), and CorelDRAW 12 [5] (including CorelTRACE and the Corel Barcode Wizard).

Diagrams, etc.


I haven't bothered to include the 100+ images here.