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Hi! My name's Eric Baird, but there are a few of us online with the same name, so I usually use a more distinctive online signoff.


Disclosures: I'm working and volunteering at Brighton Toy and Model Museum (including some photography and graphics work, and producing material for their wiki), and volunteering at Brighton Museum and Art Gallery. I authored a book on fractals (2011), have written material and done original research on fractals and theoretical physics, and have a fledgling personal wiki on next-generation relativity theory (June 2016). My interest in theoretical physics is primarily related to what I consider to be the next iteration of general relativity, a more powerful structure that replaces the underlying Minkowski metric of special relativity with a relativistic acoustic metric.

Reasonable museum-related edits by attached staff and volunteers on Wikipedia are not normally considered to be a conflict of interest ( Wikipedia:GLAM policy ), as Wikipedia and the GLAM sector (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums) are considered to have shared objectives.

I recently got myself a better camera! :) ErkDemon (talk) 23:25, 4 August 2016 (UTC)

2013/14: Frank Hornby[edit]

Working on the 2013 Frank Hornby 150th anniversary project, as Project Officer, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, and operated by Brighton Toy and Model Museum.

Any files that I upload here of museum and/or project graphics are uploaded with the permission of the museum, and have been created by me.

The FH150 logo and promotional materials are being shared in accordance with the museum's agreement with the Heritage Lottery Fund, which requires the sharing of any digital outputs that are created for the project (where there are no other rightsholders), under a CC licence, according to their mid-2012 rules regarding project-funded digital outputs.

Any group wanting to use the FH150 logo on their own promotional materials to mark the anniversary is free to do so, with attribution to the museum.

The Museum "map" file is an authorised upload, too.