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Gallery: Food & Drink
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When I began shooting photos for this project I looked for things that would be easy to get, would fit on my shooting table and could be easily cataloged. Food is all of those things, as well as cheap. Many of these photos can be seen as a sister gallery to the candy one, as there are a lot of snack cakes here. Snack food works because it's more consistent, cheaper and easier to photograph than, say, vegetables and fruit. Also, I eat what I shoot, and I have an affinity for this garbage food.

There's a lot of subjects here that I'd love to expand in the future. Getting as many different breakfast cereals would be fun, as well as a more proper vegetable and fruit gallery.

Snack Cakes[edit]

Snack Cakes

Fruits & Vegetables[edit]

Fruits & Vegetables





Cookies, Cakes & Pie[edit]

Cookies, Cakes & Pie

Misc. Foods[edit]

Misc. Foods

Fast Food[edit]

Fast Food

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