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At the moment, this is a small gallery that's more of a dumping ground for random older pictures that I've uploaded. There are some pictures of musicians here, and they were something that I had been hoping to turn into a larger project someday. Way before I began taking pictures for Wiki articles I had an idea for something called PLOW, or the Portrait Library of Wikipedia. The idea was that it would be a portable photobooth thing that would be able to get a clean and standard portrait of somebody quickly. Imagine something that you'd be able to set up at an event and get a lot of pictures done in succession. I did some prelim work and mock-ups of it, but it never materialized into anything. The only thing that really survives is the color scheme and the rainbow iris logo that I use now, which were originally created for PLOW.

As it stands now, this gallery just has a few bits and bobs in it, since my photos of people are more of random occurrences. I want to be able to expand this gallery at some point, but photos of notable people are a bit trickier to pull off. I can only hope that this gallery will be better expanded at some point.





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