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My name is Ekaterina Vasyagina. I'm nature photographer and traveler. My websight I work with my husband Kirill Uyutnov. And together we are the team

Kirill Uyutnov and Ekaterina Vasyagina – are photo artists working with wild nature. They travel a lot, organize photo expeditions in Russia, participate in ecological educational projects, and are members of The Union of Wildlife Photographers. They are also members of The Russian Union of Art Photographers and the Russian Geographical Society, as well as winners in international competitions. Some of the works include: “Wildlife of Russia” (National Geographic), “The Most Beautiful Country” (Russian Geographical Society), “Golden Turtle”, “Global Arctic Awards”, etc. They are judges of many photo competitions and are also funded by the Ministry of Culture for Far North nature projects .

They are authors of multiple lectures and present reports at prestigious events in Moscow on photo shooting on protected territories. They have organized photo expeditions and voyages to more than 50 regions of Russia, including Chukotka, Kolyma, Yakutiya, Kuril Islands, Sakhalin, Kamchatka, Taymyr, Evenkiya, Baikal, Sayany, Altai, the Urals, Yamal, the Caucasus, Karelia, etc. Their photos were included in many digests and exhibits in Russia, China and Europe. They have organized their personal exhibit – “Where Your Dreams Bring You” – about nature of 15 Russian regions in many cities. Kirill and Ekaterina participated in the largest wildlife festival, “Pristine Russia”, with their personal Far North exhibit. They are authors of many photo albums and calendars. In the nearest future, they are planning to visit the wildest and most arduous regions of Russia in order to support and promote careful management of natural resources.

«We believe that ecotourism is our future, so we will be able to support the preservation of protected areas and raise a new generation in the love of nature»