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All Photography proudly contributed to Wikipedia by Lachlan Fearnley.

All images are free for any purpose, including commercial use, as long as appropriate attribution is given.

Account created: 21/05/2011

Purpose for account: I felt there was a lack of high quality and high resolution images that were available. My goal is to upload and share HD and DSLR content on Wikipedia, particularly in the Brisbane area.

Previous account: User:Ezykron

Have any requests for new photos? Let me know and I'll try and help.



The Minor barnstar
You created the Wikipedia article for Gangnam Style, the most popular YouTube video ever. Someone else could easily have created it later, but you made it before it got big. Well, viral. So I hereby award you the Minor Barnstar, for initiating a small page which made a big difference. Rcsprinter (talk to me) @ 21:34, 22 October 2012 (UTC)