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If I'm not working ask here for help.


Emergency bot shutoff button

Stop bot

Administrators: Use this button if the bot is malfunctioning.
Non-administrators can report misbehaving bots to Commons:Administrators' noticeboard.

Source code


Required bot information

  • Creator and contact person: Daniel78
  • Miscellaneous contact person: KTC
  • Tasks: Close and park FPC nominations
  • Operation: Automatic
  • When: Currently doing 3 runs a day (5:00, 13:00, 21:00 UTC)
  • Maximum edit rate: Default pywikibot setting
  • This bot is written in python, uses Pywikibot and its source can be found at github. Note that anyone can (and are encouraged) to to send fixes and patches as pull requests to the repository. (The original bot creator is no longer fixing issues / only approving them).



The bot currently runs as a cronjob on toolforge that looks like this after doing git updates:

python3 -park -close -auto -pt:0

On a cron schedule of:

0 5,13,21 * * *
± This user is in fact a bot.