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First activity here on the commons... 16:54, 14 June 2005

While I work here quite a bit, my home wiki's are En.WIKIPEDIA and En.Wikibooks ... post here and especially there on Wikibooks if you want the fastest answer, or send an email.

(I go back and forth a lot if I'm working, one way or another— so even if I'm on Wikiversity that day, I'll see the message banner alert fairly soon if I'm online.)
I'm happy to take email at Fabartus-at-gmail-dot-com

Bio sketch[edit]

  1. Happily Married, late fifties, engineering consultant
    1. Except for time on wikipedia and other sisters
    2. sometimes she feels divorced, or like she should to me... Sigh.
  2. Two boys, youngest just out of college and both growing into adults slow painful step by step.
  3. Engineering consultant, self-employed
    sometimes she feels divorced, or like she should to me... Sigh.
    sometimes I feels divorced, or like I should to she... (She's got her own biz too). It's a wonder the dogs get fed!
  4. Evening, not morning person
  5. Two lovable Dogs, Tropical fish
  6. Had lots of cats once, long ago first marriage
  7. Ran a mean D&D game as DM, now divert myself occasionally with video computer games and especially Trainz for which I help edit the Trainz Wikibook
  8. Enjoy gardening, blue water boating, some fishing, water sports, cycle some, should exercise more
  9. Wrong side of 50 (sniff), lately into photography and learning the ins and outs of 3D modeling, more computer graphics and so forth.
  10. 30 years USNR, Submariner
  11. Built several computers, saw the earliest breeds, programed in 12-14 dialects and languages at one time. Now have trouble with wiki-markup and HTML more often than the ole ego likes. (sigh)
  12. Gave up web crawling in earliest 90's, and then came Wikipedia... By late 2009, my eyes began giving me much trouble, so found Trainz, which has kicked me back into wiki contributions.


  1. History
  2. Reading eclectically
  3. Cabinetry and furniture building (I needed more bookcases, still do!)
  4. Model Railroading and scouting
  5. Wikiholic
  6. NFL football, esp. Pats (Savest bet ever: I won't be on wikipedia during a Pats game)
  7. Taming my woodland and keeping the power equipment in battery (sometimes suffers for wikipedia).
  8. May write fiction again someday. (sigh)
If you want more than that, you need to make a serious job offer! <G>


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