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I have been collecting medals for just over 30 years and have spent the last few years in serious research of the new award system of the Russian Federation. Please feel free to ask questions on this subject using my talk page, if I don't already know the answer, I will try to find the relevant info for you. I have access to Russian decrees and orders on the subject and am in contact with many Russian collectors and a member of the Heraldic Council under the President of Russia.

I am presently in the process of uploading better pictures for the articles mentioned lower.


Frank Canada

My major projects on the go:

Awards and decorations of the Russian Federation, following suggestions by many of you, I am in the process of making individual articles for each ministry. When I am done, only state awards will remain on this page. Still months of work to be done until this page is clean.

Awards and Emblems of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, a never ending saga of awards. I've found most ministerial orders to date but am having trouble actually finding suitable pictures at this point, which explains why I've had to resort to drawings in some instances (to my chagrin). What you see there now is only about 60% of the finished product, most sub departments of the MoD have their own awards.

Awards of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of Russia, this one is almost complete, very little missing in the form of a few departmental awards from various regions.

Awards of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, most awards are there but still missing much data in the form of ministerial orders and dates of inception.

I am also contributing a little on this page:

Awards and decorations of the Soviet Union, I recently included some post-WW2 Soviet awards, more are on the way.