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Me & Myself

My name is Eran Finkle
I live in Israel, and I'm an Amateur photographer. I photograph for about two years, and currently using Fuji FinePix S9600 and Nikon D70s. As for 2009, my main photography interest is Animals, but recently been falling in love with macro photography of Insects and Arachnids.

I have a website for plants, Currently only in Hebrew - Pictured Plants Index

And few picture galleries - Finkle's Photostream

Kingdom: Animalia[edit]

Phylum: Anthropoda[edit]

Class: Arachnida[edit]

Class: Chilopoda[edit]

Class: Insecta[edit]

Phylum: Chordata[edit]

Class: Amphibia[edit]

Class: Aves[edit]

Class: Mammalia[edit]

Class: Squamata[edit]

Class: Testudines[edit]

Phylum: Mollusca[edit]

Class: Gastropoda[edit]