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I'm working on scanning a 1927/1928 atlas of the Soviet Union. It probably should become a part of wikisource eventually, and hopefully the maps can be put to use on the wikipedia pages of political regions of the period. This page is here as a starting point for everything related to getting this atlas scanned, uploaded, converted, indexed, etc.

Bibliographic information[edit]

A. Енукидзе, editor (1928) Атлас Союза Советских Социалистических Республик, Москва: Издание ЦИК СССР

  • Need to pull full list of editors from p. II.

General information[edit]

  • Numbered pages: 108 (starting with p. 1)
  • Width: approximately 35.5cm (14in)
  • Height: approximately 27.7cm (11in)
  • Depth: 1.5cm (5/8in)
  • Fold-out maps: 5
  • Single-page maps: 32
  • Wax-paper overlays:

Contribution of others[edit]

There are several ways in which others can contribute to this effort.

What makes this source unique[edit]

Being published only 10 years after the USSR was established, this is probably one of the earliest Atlases of the country. It seems to have been published with a wider audience in mind, with a title page in various European languages. The borders of many areas—including not just administrative regions throughout the USSR, but also entire autonomous republics (especially in Central Asia)—were in a state of flux; as such, the borders in this Atlas (including the wax-paper overlays meant to update various maps with changes made between when they were drawn and when the Atlas was published) often don't look anything like the borders as they were set at the end of the Soviet Union and have continued on to modern times. Since the boundaries were often ideologically- (sometimes ethnically-, less-so economically-) motivated, this offers interesting insight into the mindset of the administration that was making these changes.


This is a list of all images from the 1928 USSR Atlas that are currently uploaded.


This is a list of all the map overlays from the 1928 USSR Atlas that are currently uploaded.