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Abbreviation of place & infrastructure (according to Firza's visiting)[edit]


  • Province of Jambi = JA
  • South Sumatra = SS
  • North Sumatra = SU/NS
  • Riau Islands = KR
  • Banten = BT
  • West Java = JB/WJ
  • Yogyakarta = YG
  • Bali = BA
  • Jakarta = JK/JKT
  • Johor = JHR/JDT
  • Negeri Sembilan = NGS
  • Malacca = MLC/MLK
  • Pahang = PG
  • Selangor = SLG/SDE
  • Muarojambi = MRJ
  • Musirawas = MSR
  • Serdang Bedagai = SB
  • Deli Serdang = DS
  • Purwakarta = PKT
  • Batanghari = BH
  • Banyuasin = BYA
  • Musi Banyuasin = MB


  • Trans-Sumatran East Highway = JN1/AH25-TIMUR
  • Trans-Sumatran Central Highway = JN5/AH151-TENGAH
  • Mendalo-Sarolangun Highway = JN34-MS
  • Jalan Pelabuhan Tanjung Api-Api = JN40-TAA
  • Sekayu Highway = JN36-SK
  • Lebuhraya Ekspres Selatan = E2/AH2-KLJB
  • Lubuklinggau-Bengkulu City Highway = JN38-LGB
  • Indralaya-Prabumulih Highway = JN42-IP
  • Lebuhraya Ekspres Kuala Lumpur-Kuantan = E8
  • Lebuhraya Ekspres Utara = E1/AH2-KLIP/E1/AH2-IPT/E1/AH2-TPP/E1/AH2-PPJ
  • Lebuhraya Jitra-Bukit Kayu Hitam = E1-JKH
  • Laluan Persekutuan 1/Lebuhraya Lintasan Tengah Semenanjung = LP1
  • Muara Tembesi-Muara Bungo Highway = JN25-MTMB
  • Pekanbaru - Bukittinggi Highway = JN18-PB
  • Pekanbaru old Highway = JN20
  • Kuala Tungkal Highway = JN28
  • Port of Belawan - Medan Toll Road = JT2-MD
  • Kuala Namu International Airport Access Toll Road = JT?-KNIA
  • Jalan Raya Pos = JN1-PANTURA
  • Jalan Tol Trans-Jawa (Barat/Cilegon-Jakarta-Cirebon-Semarang) = JT?/AH2-CIMAR
  • Jalan Tol Trans-Jawa (Timur I/Semarang-Solo-Surabaya-Gempol-Banyuwangi)= JT?/AH2-SEMBAN
  • Jalan Tol Cikampek-Bandung-Dawuan = JT?-CBD
  • Jambatan Pulau Pinang I = E36-JPP
  • Jambatan Pulau Pinang II = E28-JPP2
  • Lebuhraya Akses Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur = E6/26-KLIA
  • Jalan Raya Batam Centre (Terminal Dermaga Batam Centre/Batam Centre Jetty Terminal) - Jembatan Barelang = JN39-BTM
  • Jalan Raya Pelabuhan Batu Ampar - Nongsa = JN41-BTM
  • Jalan Raya Sp. Jam - Batu Aji = JN43-BTM

See : User:Firzafp/Sumatran Exonym by Foreign Language, User:Firzafp/Java, Bali & Nusa Tenggara Exonym by Foreign Language


SEE PHOTO ARE TAKEN, Pan-Sumatran Road, Pan-Bornean Road, Trans-Javan Road, Pan-Celebesian Road or visit Law enforcement public service ads (see below) :

Hatchbacks (and his family)[edit]

In the 1970s, Hatchback market in Indonesia was born marked due to Japanese hatchbacks such as Daihatsu Charade, Honda Civic become the first sold in Indonesia, in the 1980s hatchback sales in Indonesia was increase due to new product like Toyota Starlet, 1983 Suzuki Cultus (Forsa for Indonesia or Swift first generation) to 1988 Suzuki Cultus (Esteem or Swift second generation), Honda Civic hatchback (become more common in sedan, less common in hatchback), in the 1990s hatchback sales in Indonesia become more again than 1980s these hatchback to be sold such as Peugeot hatchs, VW Golf, 1990 Toyota Starlet, Honda Civic hatchback (until 1997), Daihatsu Charade (until mid-1990s), in 2000s to present Hatchback in Indonesia become most popular than previously decade, hatchback was very affordable than sedan (at this time tax was very higher than non-sedan, however in this year sedan and non-sedan to merged with new car tax to be applied after 2019 general election), these hatchback in Indonesia categories including Low-cost Green Car (most common, easy to found, also kei car is consindered LCGC), Standard Hatchback (commonly, these hatchback such as Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris (Asia, South America marketing only), Suzuki Baleno 4th generation, Suzuki Ignis (micro-Crossover), Luxurious Hatchback (least common, mostly Mercedes-Benz A-Class) and this year Low-cost Green Car will get taxes from tax-free to 3%.



Minivan in Indonesia builds under Pickup Truck was completely coachbuilder until 1990s, in the late 1990s minivan was increase sales due to non-coachbuilder minivan become most common and easy to find , during the 2000s the minivan sales was mainstay and also the rising of non-coachbuilder sliding door minivan such as Nissan Serena (1999-2013) & Toyota Alphard/Vellfire, in 2010s minivan would to be remain sales and also as the rise of Low-end Minivan become the lasting minivan market in Indonesia until today.

SUVs/Crossovers or 4x4[edit]

In the 1970s-80s, SUV marketing in Indonesia was only 3-door, 5-door 5-seater SUV. In 2010s, SUV marketing in Indonesia was increase, due to the rise of crossover cars, and traditional SUV still remain after increase pure sales of 7-seater SUV.


In the 1960s-90s, Station Wagons was under imported by the sole agents & private-importers and also has a local production such as Datsun pickup convert to wagon & 1977-80 Mazda 323 (pre-Mazda3) wagon (alongside with hatchback, while Mazda 323 Sedan (1977-80) did not make, due to different generation) to be sold has low-cost car in 1990s, while in the 2010s Station Wagon sales in Indonesia was less than as previously decade as today, however these car is sold such as Mazda6 Wagon where the consumer are interesting to buy this station wagon than sedan. Station Wagons in Indonesia are become less common and rarely to found in every street


This section photo of sedans was taken by me in certain places across the world. In this year, New car tax now no longer difference between sedan (saloon) and non-sedan (non-saloon) and now just in 2 categories for liters/litres to the several different fuels, excluding flex-fuel (< 3.0L & > 3.0L were merged) : 0.5L-3.0L hybrid sedan to be tax as 2-12% & while in 3.0L and above hybrid sedan to be tax as 20-30%, EV & PHEV is Tax-free, while flex-fuel is less than 8% tax and normal tax for 0.5L-3.0L is 15-40%, 3.0L-5.0L is 30-70% (commonly luxury car), 5.0L-10.0L is 125%.

Sports cars (and his variants)[edit]

City Photos[edit]

Highway & Toll Road Photos[edit]

Highway is the road type which aims to connect between cities and villages with other cities and villages, in Sumatra has consists over 4 different highways section : West Highway (AH25), Central Highway (AH151 or AH25), East Highway (AH25), East Coastal Highway (AH25). Toll roads is the road type which aims to combating long trip duration to fast, accelerating for cars & trucks density.

Special List[edit]

Law enforcement public service ads in Indonesia[edit]

A Special list of State Police of Republic of Indonesia's important Public Service ads created by State Police of Republic of Indonesia's Division of Community Relations (Bahasa Indonesia : Divisi Hubungan Masyarakat Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia), this section soon to be projected. You can take the photo near intersection, Pertamina fuel station, public service advertisement between 1 kilometer.