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Anti-HTTP-sign.svg HTTP is Dead making HTTPS-only reach 100% and homogeniously for the future. (This message does not related to cybersecurity support, IT enterprise support, enterprise support and other, however does not against it all.)
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More than 2000 files uploaded since 31 December 2020. All photos are taken by Nikon COOLPIX S2800 since 2015, mostly smartphones both before and after 2015 and all works are freely usage for non-commercial and commercial usage. Firzafp supports #SaveHTTP (talk) 14:44, 18 February 2021 (UTC)

Personal Message (actually not real)[edit]

HTTP is Dead[edit]

HTTP is no longer away

"As he over reaction about 'HTTP is Dead' or 'All of internet protocols (excluding HTTPS & FTPS) are not sustained because the secure the websites agenda' is the negative significant of http percentage has been decreasing steadily since the mid-2010s due to the rise of free certificates and the rise of HTTPS as a multi-purpose application layer by years later, i'm so sadly to find websites as it with http and other than https such as ftp it has been estimated to be lost forever and now I choose to open only selective websites with a very good https status."

Suffer from performance[edit]

"In 28 March 2021, my 12 years old PC (purchased in October 2008 had 5 times re-installed due to errors on system and 1 time hardware change) was not optimized due to browsing the internet indicate that the video player make hardware became hotter & slower on performance while the video is played and sudden shut down at once. So, my PC would be repaired to make PC stable instead of re-install to normalize the performance"

Demanding over Modernization of Road Design in Indonesia[edit]

I've started on my journey about modernization of road design in Indonesia was beginning in 2019 (based on my SkyscraperCity posts) due to ability of road photo uploads that have been started around 2014, typically, road design in Indonesia was outdated and only minor change such as national & toll roads on middle line is yellow will be distinction from localized roads (provincial/regential/city), poorly-managed caused by road surfaces became redundant & too decentralized, road markings is incomplete (excluding limited-access highway but fastly-access), roadsign designs not the same but different according to their respective authorities with national recomendation (W: 2,0 metres or below and H: 2,0 metres or below), poorly-implemented speed limit due to highly usage of trucks as an economic movement for the future are causing time distance increase periodically alongside with broken road surfaces (as a result, many light vehicles are switch to toll roads as the save the time), the roadside that have been planned for road widening or simplification are turning down into pedestrian walks for the accomodation of micro-mobility, the intersections (t-junction and cross) are soon to be upgraded into overpass/underpass/interchange due to highly-dense of traffic for good reason, the y-junction roads is symmetrical make road turning more careful and more....

Abbreviation of place & infrastructure (according to Firza's visiting)[edit]


  • Province of Jambi = JA
  • South Sumatra = SS
  • North Sumatra = SU/NS
  • Bengkulu Province = BK
  • West Sumatra = SB/WS
  • Riau Islands = KR
  • Banten = BTN
  • Tangerang City/Tangerang Regency = TGR
  • Tangerang South City = TGS
  • Serang Regency = SG
  • Serang City = SRG
  • West Java = JB/WJ
  • Yogyakarta = YG
  • Bali = BA
  • Jakarta = JK/JKT
  • Johor = JHR/JDT
  • Johor Bahru = JB
  • Negeri Sembilan = NS/NGS
  • Seremban = SRBN
  • Malacca = MLC/MLK
  • Pahang = PG
  • Selangor = SLG/SDE
  • Muarojambi = MRJ
  • Musirawas = MSR/MR
  • North Musirawas = MRU/NMR
  • Serdang Bedagai = SB (SU)
  • Deli Serdang = DS
  • Simalungun = SML
  • Toba Samosir = TS
  • Karo Regency = KRO
  • Medan = MDN
  • Tebing Tinggi, North Sumatra = TT
  • Pematang Siantar = PS/PMS (rare)
  • Purwakarta = PKT
  • Batanghari = BH
  • Banyuasin = BYA (occasional)/BA
  • Musi Banyuasin = MB
  • Penukal Abab Lematang Ilir = PALI
  • Rejang Lebong = RJL/RL (occasional)
  • Dharmasraya = DR
  • Sijunjung = SJJ
  • Solok Regency = SK
  • Solok City = SLK
  • Tanah Datar = TD/TDR (occasional)
  • Bukittinggi = BKT/BT (rare)
  • Agam = AGA

Places (post-area expansion)[edit]

  • West-South Sumatra = SSB
  • Gelumbang = GLB
  • East Musi Banyuasin = MBT
  • Regencity of Palembang Ulu (Kabupaten Kota Palembang Ulu) => PAUL/PU
  • Natar Agung (Größer Natar/Greater Natar) => NA


  • Trans-Sumatran East Highway = JN1/JLT-SUM
  • Trans-Sumatran Central Highway = JN5/AH151-TENGAH
  • Mendalo-Sarolangun Highway = JN34-MS
  • Jalan Pelabuhan Tanjung Api-Api = JN40-TAA
  • Sekayu Highway = JN36-SK
  • Lebuhraya Ekspres Selatan = E2/AH2-KLJB
  • Lubuklinggau-Bengkulu City Highway = JN38-LGB
  • Indralaya-Prabumulih Highway = JN42-IP
  • Lebuhraya Ekspres Kuala Lumpur-Kuantan = E8
  • Lebuhraya Ekspres Utara = E1/AH2-LXU
  • Lebuhraya Jitra-Bukit Kayu Hitam = E1-JKH
  • Laluan Persekutuan 1/Lebuhraya Lintasan Tengah Semenanjung = LP1
  • Muara Tembesi-Muara Bungo Highway = JN25-MTMB
  • Pekanbaru - Bukittinggi Highway = JN18-PB
  • Pekanbaru old Highway = JN20
  • Kuala Tungkal Highway = JN28
  • Port of Belawan - Medan Toll Road = JT2-MD
  • Kuala Namu International Airport Access Toll Road = JT?-KNIA
  • Jalan Raya Pos = JN1-PANTURA
  • Jalan Tol Trans-Jawa (Barat/Cilegon-Jakarta-Cirebon-Semarang) = JT?/AH2-CIMAR
  • Jalan Tol Trans-Jawa (Timur I/Semarang-Solo-Surabaya-Gempol-Banyuwangi)= JT?/AH2-SEMBAN
  • Jalan Tol Cikampek-Bandung-Dawuan = JT?-CBD
  • Jambatan Pulau Pinang I = E36-JPP
  • Jambatan Pulau Pinang II = E28-JPP2
  • Lebuhraya Akses Lapangan Terbang Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur = E6/26-KLIA
  • Jalan Raya Batam Centre (Terminal Dermaga Batam Centre/Batam Centre Jetty Terminal) - Jembatan Barelang = JN39-BTM
  • Jalan Raya Pelabuhan Batu Ampar - Nongsa = JN41-BTM
  • Jalan Raya Sp. Jam - Batu Aji = JN43-BTM

Place names in Indonesia with correctly abbreviations (according to me)[edit]

  • Kuala = K. (Not Ka.)
  • Muara = M. (Not Ma.)
  • Sungai = Sg. (Alternate to Sei. means Sungei)
  • Kali = Kl.
  • Bukit = Bkt. or Bt. (Bk. or Bki. is a wrong)
  • Lubuk = Lbk. or Lk. (Not Lb.)
  • Simpang = Spg. (Not Simp. or Sp.)
  • Lebak = Lb. (correctly, not Lubuk)
  • Ujung = Ug./Ujg.(Rare) (Not Uj.) Example : Ujung Tanjung which shortening to Ug. Tanjung
  • Tanjung = Tjg. or Tg. (Not Tj.) Example : Tanjung Api-Api which shortening to Tg. Api-Api
  • Talang/Telang = Tlg. (Not. Tl.)
  • Teluk = Tlk. or Tk. (Not Tl.)
  • Dusun = Dsn. (Not Ds. means Desa)
  • Nagari = Ngr.
  • Pematang = Pmtg. (Not P. or Pmt.)
  • Selat = Slt. (Not Sl.)
  • Tungkal = Tkl./Tgkl.
  • Cangkat = Cgkt.
  • Rawa = Rw.
  • Padang = Pdg.
  • Pondok = Pdk. (not Pd. due to confuse between Pondok and Padang)
  • Kebun/Kaban = Kbn.
  • Jorong = Jrg. (not Jr.)
  • Rawa = Rw.
  • Batu = Bt.
  • Batang = Btg. (not Bt. if you're confuse between Bukit and Batu)
  • Danau = Dn.
  • Tanah = Tnh. (not Tn.)
  • Taman = Tmn. (not Tm.)

See : User:Firzafp/Sumatran Exonym by Foreign Language, User:Firzafp/Java, Bali & Nusa Tenggara Exonym by Foreign Language


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