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X mark.svg This image was reported to be originally posted to Flickr by {{{1}}} at {{{2}}}. It has been reviewed on {{{3}}} by the automated bot FlickreviewR. The bot recognized this image to be not the same as the image from Flickr. This might be the case:
  • If the EXIF information is erroneously read by either Flickr or MediaWiki.
  • If the image has been recompressed before uploading to Commons.
  • If the image has been altered without its size being changed (see User talk:FlickreviewR).
  • If the Flickr user has replaced the image on Flickr by another image.
  • If the uploader provided the wrong Flickr image as source.

If you are an administrator or trusted user and you found that the images from Commons and Flickr are the same, you might want to use the {{flickrreview}} to review it yourself.