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Florian speaks the following languages (Babel Templates):

About me[edit]

My name is Florian (DE) Prischl, and I am a law student from Vienna in my fourth year (as of 2008/2009). I am a member of the following wikis (in approximate descending order of edits):

I am also a member of the following Embassies:

Note: I am not active in the embassies. However, if you need something from me in relation to them, feel free to contact me.

Skills and interests[edit]

I am proficient and/or interested in (for a more verbose list with userboxes, see /Skills and activities):


Here on Commons, you will most likely find me uploading photos or assessing Quality Images. On Wikipedia, I mostly do cleanup, editing, etc - and not even a lot of that.

To Do[edit]

  • Translate most of my image descriptions into German - do not forget to use both languages on all new media!
  • Translate the transcripts of the three interviews I posted (at least into English)
  • Maybe edit/expand some descriptions of the media (especially photos).
  • Make my media being used.

Planned absences[edit]

  • Currently none.


This is a gallery of the 12 most recent media I uploaded to the Commons. Please also see my full gallery with all media. The media are sorted descending by upload date and time, which mostly corresponds to the date and time the media was recorded, especially on newer media.

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Long live free knowledge!