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My name is Ajit and I am a nature enthusiast and watch all aspects of nature with child like awe and fascination. Plants and Trees are currently at the top of my mind and keeping me delightfully occupied

Trees in Bangalore - Key motivation[edit]

I am planning to focus on Trees of Bangalore and plan to make the repository as usable as possible for the user who would like to make use of it. There is a category called "Trees in Bangalore"( where apart from regular upload of images into it, i am also working on it for 2 primary purpose.

1. Create meaningful sub categories and moderate the uploads - By creating meaningful sub categories and bucketing it appropriately, people will be intuitively guided to be able to upload the images in the relevant category. This disciplined upload will help in meaningful categorizations for search and retrieve purpose. I also plan to moderate the uploads by moving/helping in moving the uploads to relevant categories.

2. Use it as a Tree guide - Someone getting fascinated by the flowering trees of Bangalore can use this image repository as a guide for searching the flowers they have seen and can use the images in these categories for identifying the tree. The various meaningful bucketed categories will help them to locate the tree easily.

Trees in Bangalore - What NOT to put[edit]

Please note that the category Trees in Bangalore and the sub categories are specifically focused on trees alone and media which has been taken with that focus alone will be a candidate for this category. For example, if a Picture is taken of an Institute with the key focus being on showing the institute(As reflected by the intent described by the user either in the file name or description) with lot of trees also in the picture, this picture is not a candidate for any of the categories of Trees in Bangalore. It belongs to some specific category that can be created for that Institute. Just because lot of trees are there in the pic does not make it a candidate to be part of Trees in Bangalore.

I will be creating a FAQ for guidelines that can be used to upload the images to Trees in Bangalore and its sub categories. I will move the above mentioned guideline to the FAQ once its done.

My co-ordinates and contributions[edit]

I can be reached at

These are the images i have contributed to wiki: