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Francis E (Bill ) Williams[edit]

Spent most of my life engaged in the Electronics and Computer support Industries in both an employed and (mainly) self-employed basis. Last position:- Technical Director for an I.T. support company based in the South West of England.

Hobbies include Amateur Radio, Wind & Solar power generation, Camping, Motor Scooters, Keyboard, Mechnical Engineering (lathe Miller), Gardening (Structural - don`t do green things very much), digital sound recording and loads more that I can`t always recall !

Attended The City of Bath Technical School from 1959 until 1963 while it was based initally at Weymouth House, Abbey Green and then moved to Brougham Hayes Oldfield Park Bath. It closed in 1970 when comprehensive Schools were introduced in England.

Bath Technical School Brougham Hayes.jpg

Currently retired Interested in leaving something behind for people to ponder over.

Editorial comment[edit]

I used my real name on wikipedia, when at 61 years of age with limited vision from what was thought to be due to advanced Macular degeneration, but was in fact a symptom of undiagnosed type 2 diabetes. Now aged 65 I have suffered a cerebral hemmorage in July 2013 which has resulted in a right hand side body stroke, poor speech, poorer vision, no movement in my right leg or arm. Now in Jene 2015 I have retrained my brain and recovered most of my motor neurone paths to my arms and legs etc. I felt no need to hide behind a nickname or silly badges and childrens "stars" that are awarded to "adult" users. My areas of knowledge and interest remain listed in the blue writing below. There is no problem with adding content that is drawn from your experiences in life, but finding references to support such knowledge is the most difficult part of contributing to Wikipedia. Undocumented or unpublished personal research cannot be submitted here either, even if it is notable in its own right. Spend a week or so looking around at what goes on first, seeking guidance from the Helkpdesk is recommended to avoid disappointment with your first edits or article creation.

I strongly advise you to avoid trying to be creative here, there is no point, a paragraph of perfectly fluent prose will be picked apart letter by letter, word by word into a mish-mash of phrases more fitting to a childs first attempts at writing. One editor I met made the point quite eloquently:- "It`s like writing in sand on the shore line, the stuff in the sand lasts longer though". People have opinions, they might not match yours, learn to live with the difference, your own shortcomings are of no consequence here on Wikipedia. There is always someone here who knows more than you and is willing to assist you.


The objective of this Encylopedia should be to convey knowledge and encourage development of the mind. This is a normal requirement of a civilised society intent on advancement. In any society there will be a disruptive minority, this place attracts more than its fair share. Such a potentially good idea will decline in momentum, and inevitably will fail entirely because of the lack of proper controls. Continual edit disruption from misguided users eventually deter serious contributors from staying. The administration system here is like the justice system in the real world, it is all loaded in favour of the users who know how to play the system. It`s always the victim that pays the price for seeking justice. Transfer knowledge

Articles need to be written to be meaningful within the scope of the potential readers. A combination of many levels of understanding is required to be of any use to the reader. Just research the subject well before committing finger to keyboard. Some who edit are more focussed on the subject and not the reader, an excellent article is only as good as the reader can comprehend. It may be technically correct and brilliant, but if it cannot speak in plain language, then it is not knowledge transferred, it is knowledge lost in cyberspace for the potential reader will pass it by with the click of the mouse.

Writing style[edit]

Many contributors here use "Gobbledy Gook" language padded out with words not found in everyday speech, plain language makes your contribution much easier to understand for the majority.

"A Wikipedia article should not be presented on the assumption that the reader is well versed in the topic's field. Introductory language in the lead and initial sections of the article should be written in plain terms and concepts that can be understood by any literate reader of Wikipedia without any knowledge in the given field before advancing to more detailed explanations of the topic. While wikilinks should be provided for advanced terms and concepts in that field, articles should be written on the assumption that the reader will not or cannot follow these links, instead attempting to infer their meaning from the text."

Community responsibility[edit]

For those who have no patience, no self discipline, no persistence then their time here should be short lived, but more often than not they survive and blossom and attract more like minded individuals. See here, [1] as an example of what may occur to you if someone uses the system against you. As in real life, no two people share the same outlook on everything found within this cyberspace environment.

Intelligence is not a by-product of formal education, it is measured by a persons' ability to reason, explore and interact with their environment accordingly. (It is how a baby with a dummy learns to respond to stimulation from its' parents and its' surroundings.)


Lack of understanding, education or intelligence is an excuse to delete content here, it happens all the time and nobody cares. Actions based on these criteria are not going to improve this Encyclopedia, just the opposite, will only reduce its potential quality. Persist with this practice and you will be blocked [2] from editing for a day or two at worst, it won't matter though if you are determined, just use a friends wifi access point and use another I.P. account. A user name (and contribution) is linked to an Internet I.P. address [3], so changing your name will not impress! your account I.D. number and I.P. address will give you away. [4] Here is another tool that can be used [5] for an I.P. address. Also don`t try to create another user account[6] to try and hide behind. One Guy[7] did and then complained bitterly when it was done by someone else to stop his "fun". This is what goes on when "Sock Puppetry", (what it`s called on Wiki) is discovered.[8]. Watch this case unfold here.[9].

P.S. ...I did say at the start of this page that I had an opinon didn`t I? ... Maybe this is the reason why [10].

My interests and contributions to this Encyclopedia include the following areas[edit]

80,000 Suspects, Adobe Illustrator Artwork, Airband, Aircraft Maintenance Technician, A-ha, Anglo-Norman literature, Anna David (journalist), Alexander Lamb, Allison Kreiger, Amateur television, Analog television, Antenna diversity, Antenna (radio), Agustina Quinteros, Bachelor's degree, Basic, BBC Basic, BBC Micro, Bath and North East Somerset Council election, 2015, Bath Abbey, Bath College of Domestic Science, Bath Community Academy, Bath, Somerset, Bath School of Art and Design, Bath Spa University, Bath Stone, Bath Technical School, Beechen Cliff School‎, Bernard Lovell, Caisson lock, Callow Rock quarry, City of Bath College, City of Bath Technical School, Colour centre, Copper indium gallium selenide, Coroner, Cotswolds, Croatian Spring, Culverhay School, CSMP III, David Newman (politician), Dielectric barrier discharge, Direct-conversion receiver, Dolphin (emulator), Dorchester, Dorset, Drive dielectric barrier discharge, DVB-RCS, E 14 (Norway), Edward_Rodney, Education in Bath, Somerset, Energy Efficient Ethernet, Epeli Qaraninamu Nailatikau, Ewood Aqueduct, Extraterrestrial life, Factors of polymer weathering, Farmborough Church of England VC Primary School, Farrington Gurney, Folly, Fred Wedlock, Geography of Somerset, Granada (company), Granada PLC, Grid tie inverter, Ground and neutral‎, Haber process, Ham Green Pottery, Have You Never Been Mellow (song), Hayesfield Girls' School, Hayesfield School Technology College, Horace Batchelor, House of Saud, Ionizing radiation, Independents for Frome, Inter-domain, Jackson Expedition, Johnny Kalsi, Kirby Lester Pharmacy Automation, Khabo Zondo, Lathe, Leland Trail, Let It Be Me (song), Liberty Trail, List of 7400 series integrated circuits, List of observatory codes, Malmesbury, Malmesbury Church of England Primary School, Mario Moya, Matti Lehikoinen, Marcus Fysh, MBasic, Microgrid, Midford, Mist lift, NewsWatch (Philippine TV program), Norwegian Intelligence Service, Ofcom, Oldfield Park railway station, Outboard gear, Packaging gas, Paddy Ashdown, Peasedown St John, Peter Tripodi, Pharmacy, Piaggio MP3, Pines express, Pile cap, Pitch shift, Porthcurno, Porthcurno Telegraph Museum, Photo-oxidation of polymers, Primary Domain Controller, Prior Park Landscape Garden, Prior Park College, Radio, Remote Administration Tool, Richard N. Palmer, River Derwen, River Fal, Robert Persons, Router, Scott Sonnon, /Sandbox, Skin effect, Somerset, Somerset Coal Canal, Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway, Stan Kossen, Stray voltage, Superheterodyne receiver, Television, Timsbury, Somerset, Three Ways School, Thymme Jones, Tony Butler (musician), Transport in Somerset, Turnip Prize, Verde river shhep bridge, Videocassette recorder, Vikram Singh, Wentworth Wooden Puzzles, William de Moyon, William Harbutt, William Smith (geologist), Wireless, Wireless network, Womad Charlton Park

Thought for the day:- (If you eventually suffer from" Wiki Addiction ")[edit]

"REM: - There is life beyond Wiki - this "environment" is a collection of bits, "0s" and "1s", arranged in sequence as "nibbles" and "bytes" to form "words", interpreted and compiled into code, code which is stored in a retrieval system. Code that may be accessed here and re-ordered to produce (via a suitable user interface) both audio and visual presentations ONLY. It will not harm you, it will not sustain life in you, it will however, give you headaches when you try to understand it, eye strain when you do too much of it. If you lose your "bits" of "code" it`s because you forgot to hit the "SAVE" button. If you lose "your" sanity - don`t look for it here ! So, what do you think, is this the most important REM of all?, don`t stop drinking, don`t stop eating, and don`t forget to SWITCH OFF occasionally - (both you, and the machine) !".

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