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Challenge March 2019 - Town halls: The Amtshaus (communal town hall) of Aplerbeck, a suburb of Dortmund, Germany in extreme detail. Quality image, participated in wiki commons challenge March 2019 - Town halls
The Lion of Venice as a tourist trinket - made in China, sold in Venice

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My Activities within the Wiki Universe[edit]


Wiki commons:

Longines pocket watch, model 4 Grand Prix, 1900ff, rear view, clockwork visible - enhanced resolution

Just over a year ago I joined Wiki Commons, and have learned a lot since then. The dos and don'ts directly from the community, many technical facts concerning the inner works of Wiki itself by picking up multiple bits of code and further information from the numerous pages I have visted.

  • Before that date I had spent many evenings screening through reams of both Wikipedia and Wiki Commons pages ever since their inception at the turn of this century.
  • The technical facts and a slew of interesting links I have discovered en route are all documented in the tables on the latter part of this, my user page.
  • I will continue to provide materiél and live up to my aim to give back some of the joy and wisdom I have before so freely received from others.

Donating images:

An age-worn door latch and a rusted padlock fastened to well-weathered planks - original image taken on Kodachrome 25 colour reversal film in Dötlingen, Germany, May 1980

Thus I seek to contribute selected photographs to the global community. Photographs as allowed by German law, depicting mostly living and inanimate objects of nature. All derived from digital and analogue stocks of mine.

Experience: I have accumulated 50+ years of experience as a photographer, 46 years with ever improving single lens reflex camera systems. I have experimented with multiple lighting arragements, and various image editing programmes, but have till this day not once shared any of my photographs with any other persons than my family, closest friends, and, of course, the many wedding couples I have depicted. This state of encapsulation shall now end!

Exa outfit: My first single lens reflex camera was an East-German-built Exa body, purchased in 1972. Two lenses were sufficient: 50mm and 135mm. Started off with negative films, later colour slides.

Canon FD / Leica outfits:

Canon 15mm f2.8 SSC fisheye lens and its original satchel

I still own an extensive set of Canon FD lenses, all prime, and A-1 / AE-1 bodies, ranging from a 15mm fish eye lens to a 500mm mirror telescopic lens, all purchased in the early 1980'ies. The 50mm, 80mm and 100mm macro lenses provide the best quality. Marriage added a substantial set of Leica bodies and prime lenses. This analogue outfit has served me well right up to approx. the year 2010, but did not allow true HDR nor focus stacking, and only imperfect panoramas.

Olympus E10 outfit: My first digital camera was an Olympus E10, sporting a small sensor with an impressive count of 4 megapixels and a fixed zoom lens.

Sony Alpha 7R / Canon FD adapter: Come 2014 with the introduction of the Sony Alpha 7R body. The ideal camera for me, as I could attach all my lenses via adapter to the Sony body. Now high-resolution stereo photography, HDR (high dynamic range), high-resolution focus stacking, highly detailed macro photography, and quasi-perfect panoramas were within reach.

Sony Alpha 7RII / Zeiss lenses:

Sigma 135mm F1.8 DG HSM A Canon EF lens & compatible Sigma MC-11 Mount Converter

Very soon it became clear that the 1.8/55mm Zeiss prime lens I had purchased with the body was way better than the previously used Canon FD 55mm 1.2 lens. Since then I have purchased both a Sony Alpha 7RII with a built-in stabiliser, a set of Zeiss Batis prime lenses (1.8/85mm, 2/25mm, 2.8/18mm) plus a Zeiss/Sony 2.8/90mm macro G OSS prime lens. Most recent addition: a Sigma 1.8/135mm DG prime lens plus Sigma Canon EOS to Sony E lens adapter.
All these modern lenses provide the superb quality required for large-scale crops, especially in combination with the sturdy (and heavy) tripod I have been using regularly ever since purchase in 1980. But take note that the bokeh effect with the old but proven FD lenses is in general far more pleasing than the (multiple) rings visible within the bokeh circles one can attain with modern aspherical lenses.

The Sony Alpha 7RII body sports a sensor resolution of 42 megapixels. The image size is 7952x5304 pixels.

Sony Alpha 7RIII: My most recent addition (8th July, 2019): a Sony Alpha 7RIII body. I have updated the camera software and am still customising the various branches within the extensive set of primary settings. First attempts with the Sony's "pixelshift" function have met with success, provided that (a) the object to be imaged is absolutely immobile, (b) the camera is set on a very stable base (a window sill or the like), (c) any shake removing function (such as the Sony "steadyshot" function) is deactivated, and (d) the exposure release is activated by a self-timer (here: 10 seconds, although imho 3 seconds would suffice). I will provide a series of images soon which will illustrate the improved resolution.
Note 1: the Sony manual states that the "pixelshift" function deactivates the shutter to eliminate all shaking and activates the electronic shutter instead.
Note 2: the pixel count of 42 megapixels remains the same, but as the sensor moves through 4 positions programmed for "pixelshift" (initial position > then up > right > down) the Bayer colour pattern moves in sync (i.e., green > red > green > blue). Thus each pixel is supplied with all three RGB colours (albeit 2x green) and the resulting image need not be averaged over overlapping blocks of 4 pixels, but will depict every single pixel in its individual glory. Sounds strange, but works very well provided all factors contributing to even the slightest movement have been fully eliminated.

Historical Cameras:

In the course of the past 30 years I have collected some 30 historical cameras.

  • One of the oldest is a sturdy SLR body, manufactured from 1928-1936 with an internal 3 1/4" (83 mm) x 2 1/4" (58 mm) mirror in a roughly cubic outer shape.
    It sports a collapsible leather viewer rising to a height of 5,5" (142 mm).
  • The other cameras range from Minox-sized to folding bellows cameras that take 6 cm x 9 cm roll films.

I intend to supply high-quality images of all cameras within my collection.

Lumiere Super ELJY type3 miniature camera with LYPAR 50mm f3.5 lensKodak box camera, type Rainbow Hawk-Eye No. 2 British Model C for 120 roll film, disassembled


An age-worn door latch and a rusted padlock fastened to well-weathered planks - original image taken on Kodachrome 25 colour reversal film in Dötlingen, Germany, May 1980.

I am currently digitising the best of my slides and negatives. I have so far uploaded one digitised slide, taken on Kodachrome 25 reverse film (ISO 25 diafilm), see below. I intend to provide more historically interesting or high-quality photographs derived from slides, negative films or black and white films.


The Amtshaus (communal town hall) of Aplerbeck, a suburb of Dortmund, Germany in extreme detail. Also participated in wiki commons challenge March 2019 - Town halls

Panoramas up to 7952 pixels wide are created by simply cropping a suitable image. Larger panoramas (with a higher pixel count and/or multi-row) are created by stitching more than one intersecting image via specialised software. I have been using a multitude of Adobe Photoshop versions for this purpose since 1999.

Focus stacking:

Beginning and end: A well-formed needle following a single groove from its fixed starting point provides a stream of music all along its inevitable track toward the record's natural inner termination. A tribute to the classic record player.

Having loosely experimented with focus Stacking software since 2012, I have in the past 4 years delved into the finesses of the software product Zerene Stacker Pro. Following up a series of thorough testing with objects of varying size, depth and complexity, also in comparison with the product Helicon Focus, I finally purchased Zerene Stacker Pro in mid-2018. High resolution focus stacks are mostly taken in sheltered quarters, but are also attainable outdoor with the camera steadied on an tripod if the subject remains motionless due to lack of wind.


Tigridia pavonia - wilted overnight - 2018-07-25 composite image via focus stacking (German: Tigerlilie - über Nacht verwelkt), magnification ratio 1:1.3.

A Macro photograph is a close-up image of a subject. In the early days of photography a ratio of 1:10 or less on full frame film was considered "macro", i.e. subject height 240mm or less. Nowadays macro imaging closes up on 1:1 (subject height 24mm), beginning somewhere in the vicinity of 1:3. The image on the right sports a magnification ratio of 1:1.3 at full frame. i.e the whole height of the image was approx. 31mm.


Two Passiflora caerulea flowers arranged as a stereo image pair, Dortmund, June 2019. Quality image

The two images of the stereo pair usually sport an offset by 50-65mm between viewpoints. If combined with macro photography the spacing between viewpoints is often reduced to 20-30mm as more will strain the untrained viewer's ability to combine the images. I prefer the crosseye-viewing method that swaps the placing of the left and right eye images so that they will be correctly seen cross-eyed, the left eye viewing the image on the right and vice versa, the intended stereo image appearing in between.

HDR: I have yet to find a suitable software to correctly process HDR images. The software products I have used so far more often than not tend to introduce strange colouring effects and unnatural fringes. I thus have discontinued this technique since 2016 and have taken resort to processing uncompressed RAW files whenever possible, as the Sony Alpha 7RII sensor can discern slightly more than 10 aperture values of dynamic range at ISO 100, which are subsequently stored as 14 bit RAW values. Maybe the HDR situation has improved meanwhile and is worth another try.

Combining techniques / stereo: I have also experimented with combinations of the above techniques: focus stacking of panoramas, panorama HDRs, macro stereo sets comprising two focus stacks. Not all are represented in the files I have uploaded to Wiki Commons this far.

Experience with Photography-related Technology[edit]

User:Franz van Duns/Focus Stacking

User:Franz van Duns/HowTo align image content

User:Franz van Duns/Sandbox


For the knowledgeable:
Franz van Duns

Suggestions for improvement welcome.

German version intended.

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Original Barnstar Hires.png The Original Barnstar For uploading File:Distrail splits stratocumulus cloud - remnants of contrail visible ( DSC2134-1).jpg, a valuable, well-described and usefully-documented contribution. Many thanks! Ariadacapo (talk) 17:58, 5 July 2019 (UTC) A distrail splits the outer region of a stratocumulus cloud; remnants of contrail visible, Dortmund, June 2019.

Working Man's Barnstar.png Working Man's Barnstar
I hereby award you, Franz van Duns the Working Man's Barnstar for your tirelesst work you're doing in Quality images categorization. Thank you! Mit freundlichen Grüßen -- George Chernilevsky talk 13:21, 16 August 2019 (UTC)

Winners / Runners Up of a Wiki Commons Challenge[edit]

Locks and keys - a quintuple misfit.jpg Photo Challenge – Second Place
Camera2 mgx silver.svg

Your picture Locks and keys - a quintuple misfit.jpg won the 2nd place in the Photo Challenge Keys and Keyholes, in June 2019. You can find the results of the challenge here.

-- Jarekt (talk) 03:44, 2 August 2019 (UTC)
Addendum: this silver medalist image was awarded 7 stars (and 7 likes).

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Image guidelines


Commons:Deletion policy   >   Note: to have a recently uploaded image removed, simply tag it as {{speedy|reason for deletion}}


When to use the {{PD-Art}} tag   >   See also: Reuse of PD-Art photographs


  Wikipedia:Articles for creation/Scam warning

Assorted links:

  Focus stacking

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Straight to the current "wiki commons photo challenge"

  How to submit a new entry / example: Commons:Photo_challenge/2019_-_June_-_Geology (Edit)

  How to vote for up to three images / example: Commons:Photo_challenge/2019_-_April_-_Prisons/Voting



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  • The quality images project aims to identify and encourage users who provide images of high technical quality to Commons.
  • Featured pictures are the cream of the crop at Commons and the project is reserved for images of both extraordinary value and technical quality.
  • Valued images, on the other hand, are those that are the most valuable of their kind for use in an online context, within other Wikimedia projects.
  • The technical requirements for valued images are typically much lower, as there is no concern about suitability for print usage. A built-in camera in a modern mobile phone should be sufficient if the subject is of high value and the photo illustrates it well at a viewing size of 480×360 pixels or equivalent.
  • Valued images are less about technical quality and more about your ingenuity in finding good and valuable subjects which matter, and about the usability of the information on the image page.

Commons:Valued images   >   contains rules regarding nomination as a valued image.

Valued image criteria

Valued image scope

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Valued images candidates list

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   Method 3: Using template Reply to, described as follows as Method C. 

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This template is particularly helpful in discussions that are not threaded, to indicate which user's comment is referenced. If you feel that this template unnecessarily personalizes the discussion, you may still use the {{talkback}} template on the user's talk page to indicate that you have replied to a comment.

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  Photographs of stamen and anthers



  Category:Historic sites in Scotland

  Josephinische Landaufnahme pg022.jpg


  File:A spectacular Mandelbox inside flight with music in 4K UHD 24022019.webm

Further Reading[edit]

Commons:Photography terms

User:Colin/PixelPeeping   >   Some thoughts on when "pixel peeping" is irrelevant and when even mandatory.


Created Wikidata item "Taken with Sigma 135mm F1.8 DG HSM"

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Wikipedia:WikiProject Photography

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    • Eureka! Have found the relevant site: Wikipedia:Featured picture criteria
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