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Hello. I am a user from Sweden.

If you want to use my images[edit]

If you want to use my images for any reason, feel free to do so under the license on the page.

If the license is not already a "creative commons attribution" license, you can use it as such.

You don't need to ask for my permission to use any of my images.
The only thing you need to mention is that the image was created by "Fred J" and provide a link to my userpage, <>. Thank you.

About me[edit]

I have been on Commons since 2005 or so. Because I was so active uploading images and categorization, I eventually became an admin here. In September 2008, I stepped down as admin and bureaucrat due to inactivity.

I like Commons because of its multi-ethnicity, something that I personally feel close to. I like to improve communication as well as functionality, guidelines and policies. I don't consider myself a copyright expert, but I do what I can in that area too.

Skriv till mig på svenska,
write to me in English,
oder schreib mir auf Deutsch. I can read German perfectly, but I prefer to answer in English if possible.

Done, doing, or fixing[edit]


Some of my images:

Södra Åsums gamla kyrka Linderöds kyrka Skara domkyrka
Södra Åsums Old Church Linderöd Church Fosie Church Skara Cathedral Ferry, Gothenburg Lundby Old Church, Gothenburg St. Petri Church,
Holy Trinity Church,
Gravefield from stone age, west Sweden
Prehistoric gravefield,
Tjörn, west Sweden


Here are links to some of my gallery pages with at least 4 photos:


All the engravings of Swedish cities, total about 100, from Suecia antiqua et hodierna (printed in the early 1700s), can be seen at Category:Suecia antiqua et hodierna.


Maps of Sweden are found at Maps of Sweden. A few of these contain english text , but I have inteded to remove that.


Swedish Provinces (landskap). In the format "Image:FC-Östergötland, Sweden.png" Replace image name with the province you want, eg. :

All provinces






Municipalities, or kommuner[edit]





System messages[edit]



Då exemplar av ett verk framställes eller verket göres tillgängligt för allmänheten, skall upphovsmannen angivas i den omfattning och på det sätt god sed kräver.
Ett verk må icke ändras så, att upphovsmannens litterära eller konstnärliga anseende eller egenart kränkes; ej heller må verket göras tillgängligt för allmänheten i sådan form eller i sådant sammanhang som är på angivet sätt kränkande för upphovsmannen.
Sin rätt enligt denna paragraf kan upphovsmannen med bindande verkan eftergiva endast såvitt angår en till art och omfattning begränsad användning av verket.

Free coat of arms symbol[edit]

Notes to self[edit]

  • pma: post mortem auctoris, or past the death of the author.