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Idea from User_talk:Pfctdayelise/WikiProjects_community#More_input

Wikimedia Commons has an issue in how it deals with several areas because the policies are based on separate users and interpretation of copyright laws.

A way to deal with it is through an Advisory Boards whose remit is to address these policy issues and then recommend how they should be dealt with. Asssuming the Board members are sufficiently well-respected, a Board recommendation on copyright would be very persuasive and could be adopted by the community without needing to impose a solution from on high.


The purpose of a Copyright/licensing Advisory Board is to advising on what Commons' acceptance policy should be.

The board has no power to dictate the rules on Commons and should therefor be uncontroversial and should act on behalf of Commons as a project, free contents, and also of the users of Commons' media files.


Members of the board would be voted in. With 10 members, the board will be able to keep up a constant level of activity, while optimally having members with differating expertise.