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I'm Fredericknoronha a Goa-based Wikipedian, and active here for some time. Photography is one of my hobbies and passions. Recently completed 15-years on the Wikipedia. Also nominated Editor of the Week in mid-2020. My proposal helped to get the Konkani Wikipedia into incubation. More active on the English Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, and (a bit) on the Konkani Wikipedia (due to insufficiency written fluency). More about me here Wikipedia User Page of Fredericknoronha



I really dislike deletionism on the Wikipedia, as to me it often reflects a gross misunderstanding of smaller and less "mainstream" cultures, languages, ethnographies, regions.



My home is Goa on the west coast of India/South Asia. My goal is to share some of the many thousands photographs clicked by me and currently in the netherworld of Flickr, if I can find an easier way of doing so. Most of my photos are from Goa, other parts of India, my travels within Asia, a little of Africa and Europe or Australia.



If you find one of my photos online, and it's in the wrong license, and you'd like to use it on any Wikipedia, just get in touch. To contact me: Username is Fredericknoronha (but sometimes I don't check this). Phone +91-9822122436 Email Since I'm often working late through the nights, you won't mostly get me in the mornings India time. Afternoon onwards is fine, or leave a WhatsApp message for me via my phone above, and I'll get back as soon as possible.