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Here are my pictures about Milano

Here are my pictures about churches in Milano

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San Carlo al Corso in Milan[edit]

[[[:Category:San Carlo al Corso (Milan) - Facade|Facciata / Facade]][edit]

Monumenti / Plaques[edit]

Interno / Inside[edit]

Ingresso / Entrance[edit]
Dottori della Chiesa / Doctors of the Church[edit]
Cappella a San Vincenzo de' Paoli / Chapel to Saint Vincent de Paul[edit]
Altar del Beato / Altar of the Blessed - Giovannangelo Porro[edit]
Cappella a sinistra dell'altare / Chapel at the right of the main altar[edit]
Pulpito / Pulpit[edit]
Altare / Main altar[edit]
Cappella di san Carlo / Chapel of saint Charles Borromeo[edit]
Altre cappelle / Other chapels[edit]