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userbox Who I am: Cheryl aka Geekdiva.

Where I worked: I was a technical writer, editor, & trainer for Adobe, Intel, and a couple of places in Seattle you've never heard of. Ten years ago, I became very ill with a chronic, unremitting case of Adult Onset Still's Disease. I last worked in June of 2001. Due to bureaucratic confusion, it took 7 years to get my SSDI approved, and as of 2016 I still don't have my private long-term disability approved.

What I'd do if I could do more: Help out more around here, write the book in my head, create the PBS show I've somewhat written down, see more of my friends and the world, and play my harp.

What I do in spite of my limitations: Study Japanese by osmosis. If I can't do anything else, I at least watch the subtitled version of various anime to pick up some vocabulary. One bedside shelf holds dozens of dictionaries and other reference books. The other holds this computer, which I was too sick to use for a few years, but by working hard on the little steps I've stretched my limitations enough to get back online, at least a little.