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*'''Beschreibung / Description'''
** [[<location>]] – {{deutsch}} <text> / {{english}} <text>
*'''Quelle / Source'''
** <selbst fotografiert, etc.> / <taken by myself, etc.>
*'''Datum der Aufnahme / Time of creation'''
** <yyyy-mm-dd>
*'''Fotograf / Photographer'''
** [[User:Georg Slickers|]]
*'''Bearbeitung / edits'''
** <keine, verkleinert, gedreht, farbkorrigiert, aufgehellt, beschnitten, etc.> / <none, scaled, rotated, brightened, cropped, etc.>
*'''Kommentar / comment'''
** <text>
*'''Lizenz / licence'''

Please feel free to ask me on my [[:de:Benutzer_Diskussion:Georg Slickers|user-page]] or via 
[[Special:Emailuser/Georg_Slickers|wikipedia e-mail]] (you have to be 
[{{NAMESPACE}}:{{PAGENAMEE}} logged in]) 
if you have questions concerning this image. If you use this image outside the wikimedia projects, 
a short message is requested and a voucher copy would be fine.
'''There are more images of this animal/plant:'''

'''There are images of ... found on the same plant:

'''This is a cropped/enhanced version of image:'''

'''There is a cropped/enhanced version of this image:'''

Thanks to [[:de:User:   |   ]] for identifying the animal/plant, 
and also for digital image processing of this cropped image part.

'''Temporary upload'''

This species is still unidentified. It is a possibly/probably .... Any help is greatly appreciated.

* '''size''' about ...

[[Category:Unknown species]]

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