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To do?[edit]

  • Simple SVGs:
Category:Periodic table
  • Connecticut SVGs (Try using town name as way to shade it):
A key United States county SVG upload - Commons:United States county locator maps
  1. Image:AnsoniaCtLocatorMap.png - 2007-08-19 upload, w/County border color, see SVGs:
  2. Image:US-CT-Danbury.png 2006-04-04 upload
  3. Image:US-CT-Darien.png
  4. Image:US-CT-Enfield.png by me - still on en.wikipedia
  5. Image:US-CT-Fairfield.png 2004-05-04 (orig. upload to en.wikipedia by Plutor)
  6. Image:US-CT-SouthKent.png
  7. Image:US-CT-Woodbury.png
  8. more... SEE Category:Connecticut county locator maps, Category:Maps of Connecticut, Category:Connecticut, and Category:SVG maps of the United States
Category:Diagrams, charts, graphs by theme - formerly [[Category:Diagrams in disciplines]]
[[Category:Diagram images that should use vector graphics]]
Category:Diagrams by language
[[Category:Diagrams in French]]
[[Category:Diagrams in English]]
[[Category:Language-neutral diagrams]]
  • New subcategories?:
"Intel_486" or "I486" under Category:Intel Microprocessors
  • New photos?:
Category:Cyrix Microprocessors - scratched MII already
Category:AMD Microprocessors
Category:Intel Microprocessors - "overdrive" processor already
Commons:Picture requests


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