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Hi! :-)

Hi, this is the user page of Niklas, an user mostly active in the German Wikipedia but also having user pages on the English, French and Italian editions of this wonderful free encyclopædia. I try to provide as much files for the Commons as I can, and most of them upload here. If you should find one that could be of interest for the Commons on my flickr photostream or my old home page, dont hesitate to contact me, I often have high-resolution versions on my hard disk. Until summer 2008, I used Canon IXUS cameras (IXUS 50 and IXUS 950is which I still use today), now I'm using a Canon EOS 400D with the EF-S 18-55mm 3,5-5,6 kit lens (because it is the kit lens and as an "can i please try your dslr?" lens), the EF 50mm 1,8 fixed focal length (for indoor photography) and the Sigma DC 18-125mm 3,8-5,6 OS HSM (as an everyday lens).

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