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Georgios Giannopoulos (Ggia)[edit]


My name is Georgios (born 1975), I have been contributing to Wikipedia and related projects since 2007. I have studied electrical engineering and computer science. Currently I am working as a teacher of computer in secondary education. I am passionate about black and white photography which I started working since 1993. I develop my black & white films myself but after 2005 I stopped developing photos in a dark room and I am using a film scanner to scan the negatives. The manual cameras I am using include Nikon FM2 and Leica R4 but most of the images I upload in commons are shot by a relatively recently bought (January 2009) Nikon D700 full-frame SLR camera. In my personal blog you can find mostly my black and white photographs. My Nikon D700 has also a GPS and most of my uploaded photos are geo-located.

I love traveling and I like to photograph architecture and monuments. A lot of my images in commons are panoramic images created by stitching software.

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North wall of Ani, border between Armenia and Turkey.

Island Spinalonga (Kalidon) – top view panorama, Crete, Greece.Terrace of the Lions, Delos island, Cyclades, Greece."Crkva Gospa od Zdravlja" (translated in English "Our Lady of Health") church, Kotor bay, Montenegro.

Marmaritsa beach, Maronia - Rhodope, Greece.

Panorama of Naqsh-e Rostam, Shiraz, Iran.

More of my work: myGallery