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This page displays the current image of the day, and media of the day, which appear on the Main Page. Cascading protection is enabled, so the image description pages can't be edited while they appear on the main page. Click "edit" (or "view source") to see the coding used to achieve this.

Several other templates transcluded to the Main Page, that do not require editing, are also transcluded here, in the same manor.

Photoelasticity - TDK Head Cleaner - Black background.jpg [[Image:Template:Motd/04-20|100px]] Media of the day Problems playing the file? Template:Motd-en/04-20 A tape head cleaner cassette made of clear hard plastic. The plastic is birefringent and demonstrates internal stress as coloured patterns (photoelasticity) when photographed using cross polarisation. The polarising light source (an LCD monitor) has been rotated such that the polarising filter on the lens is oppositely oriented and so cuts out all the direct light, leaving a black background. center Picture of the day

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