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Proposed Help v Commons Namespace Rationalisation (work in [slow] progress)[edit]



  • Name of pages(namespace): Tutorials and technical help articles should be placed in the Help-namespace. Policy pages, project pages, legal pages, Commons maintenance pages and other pages that don't fit elsewhere should be placed in the Commons-namespace.



The Commons namespace is an all-purpose namespace. It contains Wikimedia Commons policy, voting pages for the deletion of images and media, voting pages to grant users more power or inclusion into exclusive groups, complaints pages where users can request help in dealing with troublesome users, voting pages for banning users for Mediawiki Commons, users essays concerning topics of interest of Mediawiki Commons, and many other pages.


The Help namespace hopefully contains all of the help pages for Wikimedia Commons.

Move To Help:[edit]

Commons:Preparing_images_for_upload Commons:Choosing_a_license


Commons:SVG to Help:SVG



If this out-of-date and basic Inkscape tutorial is needed at all it should be Help:Vector graphics tutorial or something. Move ✓ Done, review still needed.


I am playing with learning about templates at the moment, so this is a bit of a temporary add-hoc sandbox


Please remember that this talk page is not for questions and answers.

It is intended for discussing improvements to the User:Globbet/sandbox page.

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For general help on SVG see Help:SVG

The best place for questions and discussion about SVG is the Graphics village pump

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The best place for questions or discussion about SVG is the Graphics village pump