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Sexually explicit content: Bright line rules[edit]

This policy is intended to provide some bright line rules related to sexually explicit content on commons. This policy does not replace other existing policies, it simply enhances them with specific guidelines and recommendations. In particular, this is meant to clarify which works should be considered as automatically falling within the set of materials having educational or informational value, which ones should be excluded as not having such value or for legal reasons, and which should be examined on a case by case basis.

Note that content that is not subject to deletion under these guidelines may still be excluded for other reasons such as COM:SCOPE.

Content that will not be hosted[edit]

  1. Media which is illegal under the applicable law(s) will not be hosted.

Content that is not subject to deletion under these guidelines[edit]

  1. Media older than 100 years, regardless of its character, is exempted from this policy. While it may still be sexually explicit the risks related to the material compared to the likely historical benefit do not justify the effort required to make a more careful decision. No harm to our reputation is expected for being known as a collection of Victorian porn, nor is anyone likely to flood us with that content.
  2. Simple nudity is excepted from this policy. In this case 'simple nudity' is intended to be read narrowly and does not cover images which show clear evidence of human sexual arousal, sexual acts, or nude people along with outfits or contraptions which are commonly understood to be sexual or fetish in nature. Com:scope as well as the additional protection in the cause of nudity are still in full effect, but are outside the scope of this policy.
  3. Lawful public nudity is exempted from this policy. For example, images of a nude parade are allowed under this policy even if the participants are wearing bondage gear, so long as their display was lawful.
  4. Drawing or other synthetic images of a clearly sexual nature are permitted so long as they are directly connected with material covered in another Wikimedia project. The media is not required to be used from these articles, but it should be reachable from the articles in question. This term is intended to respect Common's role as an independent educational resource.