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This user is in Russia, and is against the aggression against Ukraine!
It is possible that I will stop editing due to being unable to access Wikimedia. If that will happen, I ask administrators to take that into account in the event any of my files are nominated for deletion or another action will be expected of me. Peace!

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Example of my scan

I am here to upload images of stamps, envelopes, and other things related to that.

I will be scan at the the highest quality possible, preserving the most of the stamp.

I will photograph post offices, some interesting mail boxes, etc.

I will record individual pronouncing words and phrases related to post, philatelly, etc.

I will losslessly optimise the file.

  • for PNG the command is optipng -o7 file, on rare occasions time permitting optipng -o7 -zm1-9 file
  • for JPEG the command is exiftran -i -a -g file followed by jpegoptim

To new users


Fellow prospective contributors,

Thank you very much for your desire to contribute to this wonderful project. This community can be great and it can be horrible, do not feel disheartened when inevitably you will come across people who have elbowed their way into a position of power and are abusing it every chance that they get. Keep in mind that such people thrive on people giving up, so don't.

For me the answer is to find a specific subject area and to stay focused on it, venturing out only to improve the project as the whole. However, it may fit other people to contribute in different areas and to switch around in order to stay enthusiastic and enjoying themselves. Only you can decide how you wish to contribute.

~ Gone Postal

Pages to read to help you out at the start:

COM:Project scope, COM:Licensing, COM:Copyright rules, COM:Choosing a license, COM:Ownership of pages and files

Places to ask for help:

COM:Village pump, COM:Village pump/Copyright

Prolific users to take a look at and emulate (reverse alphabetic order):

Tuvalkin, Mattbuck, , Alexis Jazz

Something about me

  • I speak English and Russian. I prefer to communicate in English.
  • I have the broadest possible understanding of the term "educational purpose".
  • I like sending "Thanks" and I also like receiving them.
  • I have Nikon D3200

Things I am proud of


My disagreements with the official policies

I will follow the official policies while they stand, but I will support some changes.
  • I believe that all free licences should be allowed on Commons as long as they allow 4 freedoms (use, distribution, alteration, distribution of a derivative).
    • I would support readdition GFDL as an acceptable licence, because adding a licence text is a reasonable requirement.
    • I would support removal of SIL Open Font License from the list of acceptable licences, because writing a piece of software is not a reasonable requirement. It is a Free Software licence, but not Free Media licence.
  • I believe that image reviewers or similar group should be able to view images deleted for reasons other than copyright in order to fascilitate restoration of media removed as out of scope in error.

Files to undelete once things cool down


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