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fr-0 I still cannot speak french. I am very lazy.
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I do mainly contribute on the swedish projects. On the Swedish Wikipedia I am an administrator and got checkuser rights. Dont hesitate to contact med. My uploads can be found in my gallery. I'm sorry to say that I myself don't own a camara but when I lived at home a tryed to borrow my dad:s camra when travling to get som ictures for Commons.

On the Wikipedia I don't write articles very much I does instead tend to be performing a lot of meta work, closing AfD:s, speedydeleting and things like that. This does some times bring me to commons. I strongly support moving all image hosting to Commons, and abolishing local uploads and have my self gotten a change for the Swedish wikipedia true with a toolbox link to upload on Commons.

Administrator Logs - Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?[edit]

I stand behind all of my administrator actions and I encourage others to review my logs and bring any questionable actions to my attention. I do think that I have administrator privilages to do the will of the community as long as they work with Wikipedias overarching principles. I strongly encourage other administrators who feel I have made an action inappropriately to take the appropriate action to rectify it and follow up with a note to me or conatct me so I can do it right.

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