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Who am I?[edit]

My name is Graham Ruckert and I am born and bred in Brisbane, Queensland. My main interests are photography and cinema, motor sport and cars so I have a large image bank of automotive and motor racing images going back to the late sixties. I also travel around Australia a reasonable amount so also have many images from the Eastern States in particular. Click here [[1]]to go to a gallery of images I have uploaded to Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.


Have noticed the lack of easily obtainable information on the less popular types of motorsport so am endeavouring to fill a few gaps in the history of rallying and other motorsports in Australia. Would also like to document more Australian drivers - particularly from the "classic" era (ie 50's to 70's). I also have an interest in the history of cinema and cinematography in Australia so will be trying to contribute where I can there.

Pages created or currently being worked on[edit]

Please click here [[2]] to see a list of my contributions to Wikipedia.

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