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Volunteer, English Wikipedia (usually)
"We help the Internet not suck. So it's that the Wikipedia for a lot of people hearkens back to what we all thought the Internet was for in the first place which is, you know, when most people first started the Internet they thought oh, this is fantastic, people can communicate from all over the world and build knowledge and share information. And then we went through the whole dot-com boom and bust and the Internet seemed to be about pop-up ads, and spam, and porn and selling dog food over the Internet. And now Wikipedia kind of hearkens back to the original vision of the Internet. And so it's important for the whole business of the entire Internet that there be quality resources that people can turn to and want to turn to." Jimmy Wales, 25 September 2005

About me

I'm from San Diego, California. I mainly edit on English Wikipedia. Typically, I'll only make non-controversial image edits and minor edits on non-English wikis.

Grapefruit Sculpin is the name of a beer from Ballast Point Brewing Company.

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My work

As policies can vary wildly between individual wikis, I apologize in advance if I've made a mistake. If I have made an error, please correct it and let me know so that I don't repeat it in the future.

Disclaimer: I have no formal affiliation with the Wikimedia Foundation.

Contact me

You can reach me via:

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