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Green Yoshi
Mattias Andersson Ferrari 458 Challenge Swedish GT Anderstorp 2012.jpg
Mattias Andersson, my favourite racing driver.
Flag of Sweden.svg This user comes from Sweden.

My name is Daniel and I am from Sweden, a country in the north of Europe. I am interested in auto racing, especially touring car racing and formula racing, but also rallying. My "home" wiki is the Swedish Wikipedia, there I am an administrator. Please go to my user page there.

If you want to use one, or even more, of my images on your website (or newspaper, magazine etc.), please write a message here and give me a link to your website (or write the name of the paper). AND do not forget to write my name, Daniel Ahlqvist, along with the image. This because it is fun to see how my images are used. Thanks in advance!

You are also welcome to my photostream at Flickr, but those photos are mainly not under a free license.

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