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Australian born and raised with a geneology that traces back to Derbyshire on my mother's side, and Wales on my father's side. My current locale of residence is the beautiful Hunter Region of New South Wales although I do spend a lot of time in Sydney as well.

I have a huge passion for sports of which rugby league and association football predominate.

My main area of interest in rugby league is in the traditional era of British rugby league prior to Super League. I also follow the Penrith Panthers in the Australian NRL.

I also have a varied interest in music, which varies from progressive rock, alternative rock and heavy metal. In recent years my partner has introduced me to the charms of house music as well. Favourite artists would include Atomic Rooster, Wilco, Metallica and anything Ministry of Sound puts out.

As for Wikipedia whilst writing large articles is kinda cool, I personally believe that it's the smaller contributions that really count. Knowledge is power, let's share it.