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Gut Monk is the handle of Ezekiel Phillips when Ezekiel isn't available. When Gut Monk isn't available, he goes for Gut.

Trained Penn State University (PSU) Business Economist, Ezekiel, or by his colliqual name, Zeke, went for more technical classes in addition to his liberal degree. He is one credit less a minor in statistics, seven credits less a major in statistics, and 13 less a major in mathematics.

Zeke faced a difficult, although now obvious by age 24, question upon his graduation: do I go for more technical training, at as high a school as Cornell Statistics, or do I go for a more liberal degree, like an MBA, at a liberal school. Gladly, after the fact, he choose the latter.

Zeke is a self-proclaimed erudite. In addition to his self-proclaimed ability to learn "anything quickly", he is a pacifist, environmentalist, failing (but trying!) vegan, and supposed master of the Universe. He also supports female intellectualism.